Digital Age Dilemmas to Get Your Head Around

With great technological power, comes a whole heap of things to get your head around and to get used to, especially when you’re in the business of making money using said technological power. As a business owner, it’s pivotal that you are not only making the most out of everything that the Digital Age offers, but you are optimising them to their full potential.


Content management systems are one such example. This a piece of software or a set of programmes that create and maintain digital content. This means, if you want to run a successful website, which you need to do in this day and age as they are the equivalent of shop windows for the businesses of the past, you need to make sure you are fully aware of how CMS works and how those who specialise in it go about their business. A hugely popular CMS software is what is known as Drupal, which is used to make the majority of websites and applications used by the majority every day. This is because they allow for easy content authoring, performance that is reliable and excellent standards of online security. Because of this, you should hire a Drupal Agency for all you web needs, as you don’t want to fall behind the completion in your market because your website isn’t up to scratch. You should hire an agency or service to help you optimise CMS, but you should know as much about them as possible so that you can, one, know you’re getting your money’s worth when paying for these services, and two, add any input you may think could further the quality of the website produced.


Website design


As previously mentioned, websites are of huge importance to the businesses of today, so building a website that works on all devices is pivotal — this means that it must be laptop friendly, tablet friendly and mobile friendly, or any prospective customer will simply click away from your site, and head straight on over to your competitors. Mobile commerce, i.e. shopping from smartphones and tablets, is expected to hit a whopping $114 billion revenue in 2017. Now, you’re probably thinking ‘why should this affect my business, I don’t offer anything to buy online’, but this does affect you because not only are people using their smaller devices to shop, but they are also using them to search for prospective items or products to shop for as it is simple and easy to do. What this means is that your website must always be ready for any traffic directed there by potential customers looking for information on items they are interested in buying. Simply, your website must be responsive to mobile devices — if it’s not, then a potential customer may slip through your fingers as impatience may lead them straight to the website of your competitor, which incidentally runs fantastically well and quickly.


Mobile shopping


So, if you want your business to be a success, you need to embrace the Digital Age and make sure you are optimising everything that it offers, rather than turning them into a dilemma.



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