Disaster Recovery (DR) Is A Vital Step For Businesses

Disaster recovery (DR) is a process of restoring lost data, applications, and systems after a profound data loss event such as a natural disaster, deliberate data breach, or employee negligence. In line with the aforementioned, privacy has become one of the issues that usually concern us most and the loss of data in a company can directly affect the fundamental rights of our clients. It is very important that companies prepare contingency plans according to the magnitude of the data they handle on a daily basis. Having a good data backup and an action plan in the event of any contingency is essential so that we can function with much more peace of mind in the digital environment.

When scenarios such as those presented are undertaken, there is an increase in the risk in terms of information system security for companies. What we must do then is to focus on reducing these risks to avoid data loss, and the paralysis of our activities. Cyber attacks are incredibly common today and can leave companies with hefty fees as well as a damaged reputation. It is vital to be prepared for all eventualities. In any process of constant innovation, security plays a very important role, as it can prevent unwanted situations such as administrative violations, customer dissatisfaction or damage to the corporate image. Not having an appropriate security system and recovery system can pose a significant risk in the loss of income for companies, since unwanted contingencies usually mean the interruption of many operations.

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