eLinkSmart WIFI Camera

Your Sweet Family Guardian

The eLinkSmart WIFI Camera is a multi-use system that allows you to keep an eye on your baby, pets and keep your home safe when you’re out enjoying yourself.

  • Baby Monitor: It’ll detect when your baby cries and plays nursery rhymes and stories to help get your child back to sleep.
  • Elderly Care
  • Pet Monitor
  • Home & Office Security: You can head out knowing your house will be kept safe with the eLinkSmart Camera as it has a motion detection alarm, a notification will put up on your phone via the app to let you know there’s movement in your house

The system is quick and easy to install, It pans 355 degrees and tilts 120 degrees and has multi-image display.

It has two-way audio and a two meter long cable.

It allows multiple people to view at the same time and allows you to record and take pictures.

Another awesome feature is up to 10m night vision.

You can find It on Amazon for just £33.99, a good price to pay for peace of mind: eLinkSmart WIFI Camera

Oliver Walkey

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