English Country Garden in a Bottle – Sprigster

You receive the Sprigster, delivered in a wooden box, burnt into the top is the name and logo, inside is the bottle itself, two Indian Tonic Waters and some dried fruit and dried flowers, which still give off pleasant aromas. Presentation is one thing you can be sure to get with Sprigster, opening the box immediately excited me, I wanted to pour myself a glass and see what flavours the Sprigster had bottled up.

Sprigster is a very new product, following the success of the owner Piers Milburn’s Pythouse Kitchen Garden restaurant in Wiltshire, the team decided to launch Sprigster in early 2021, they gained inspiration from the homegrown and seasonal produce grown within the centuries-old walled garden at Pythouse.

Sprigster is meant to deliver the joys of an English country garden, and it can be enjoyed by all, Sprigster is a non-alcoholic liquor and is vegan friendly, it also contains no added sugar, no sweeteners and no artificial flavour or colours.

Ingredients – Botanical Mash, Distilled Vinegar, Hops, Fennel Seeds, Rhubarb, Ginger, English Spring Water, English Discovery Apple Reduction

Sprigster – Tasting Notes

Aroma – Apple pulp, ginger, dried apricot, with a mix of English garden greenery and flowers.

Flavour – Ginger, a touch of rhubarb, freshly squeezed apple juice and a mix of English garden greenery and flowers.

Sprigster & Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water – Tasting Notes

Aroma – Adding the tonic water adds an Indian Tonic Water aroma which tones down the Sprigster aromas slightly but also combines all the aromas together, making it more subtle.

Flavour – A touch of fizziness is added with a drying tonic water sensation then an explosion of Indian Tonic Water spices in the midlength to close, the country garden flavours are not as prominent as if it was enjoyed on its own, it’s like a bunch of spices have sprung up in your country garden.

Although the Sprigster doesn’t contain any alcohol, it doesn’t mean it can’t go well in a cocktail, the Sprigster could be a good addition to express country garden aromas and flavours in a cocktail.

I’m very pleased to have been able to taste this product which was created by “a gang of gardeners, cooks and epicureans.” Sprigster

Oliver Walkey

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