Financial Markets and Social Media.

Since the explosion of the internet the financial markets have now opened up to everyone who wish to trade to make money, it has become as easy as placing a bet on the horses. It is now possible to trade or invest short term at the touch of a button, whether a profit is gained at the end of the exercise depends how competent the person is and the speed in which they gather their information, especially those who “Day Trade”.

Today’s trader can trade from virtually anywhere with their iphone, ipad or laptop, what else do they need? bundles and bundles of information in the form of charts, real time prices and so on and so on… and now social media in the form of twitter offers one more important aide.

Markets turn on a sixpence so having your finger on the pulse at all times is so important, twitter provides instant news and information whether rumour or fact practically to the second, without it traders can miss out on major money making opportunities, being one step ahead when trading will reaps it’s rewards big time.

Following the right people on twitter is so very important, making sure that your twitter feed does not get clogged up with useless information, this will take time to do but the benefits will soon become apparent. Facebook and Blogs are both social media tools that offer information at a slower pace but are also invaluable when used correctly.

Social media is now one of the many tools that a trader requires to operate efficiently and maintain that edge, when the difference between a profit or a loss is relative to the speed of pick up on information then it is so worthwhile having.


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