Finding The Right Employee: What You Need To Do

Picture this, you have finally secured the deeds to a property, the domain name has been purchased, and the business loan has been confirmed. You are well and truly on your way to setting up your business and can’t wait to get trading. But being so busy getting the right place, you have neglected to look for the people to fill the roles, so panic sets in! You are running around like a headless chicken to get bums on seats. You don’t have time to ask them for their life story, but looking at their CV they seem to have the relevant experience and can do the job adequately enough. Looking for the right employee in your organisation is worth its weight in gold. Looking for the right fit for the job, here are some pointers to think about.

What Does Their CV Really Say About Them?

Is it a concise CV of a page or two, or is it covered in job after job after job? They have experience in the role, but look closer. How long were they in that role for? Do they have transferrable skills that will serve your business well? Have they even sold themselves well, or is their opening gambit just cheap window dressing? You can tell a lot about a person from their CV, how they market themselves, and what their intentions are with you as their (potential) employer. Looking at their qualifications, are they armed with business diplomas, or are they applying on the strength of their D grade in GCSE Business Studies? Examine the CV and the answers will reveal themselves.

What Are Their Hobbies and Interests?

It may be a bit insignificant when looking for someone to fill a job role, but their interests outside of the workplace say two things. The first is, if you, as their colleague, can work together well and form a successful working relationship. The second is, do their interests reveal a unique aspect to their personality, like an outstanding skill. If that is the case, and it can be applied in the work role, this can make them a valuable asset.

What Is Their Background?

Getting more information about who they are, in their personal life, and their prior legal history, can save you time. When using a company like uCheck to do background checks for individuals, you will get the answer you need almost instantly. Knowing who they are from a DBS standpoint, or checking their work references before embarking on a working relationship with them is a timesaver.

With sites like Linkedin, and Twitter, you can check their work history. But, perhaps more importantly, who they are personally. And the best thing about it is that you can do it before you even pick up the phone to speak to them.

Have You Got Your Resources Up To Date?

Are you looking in the right areas for employees? If you are dissatisfied with the results you are getting from those that are applying to you, then you should look for them. Sites like can give handy tips and ideas to find the right person, even recruitment sites such as Reed have worker profiles and CV’s to look at.

Do You Trust Your Gut?

Sometimes your instincts are the one thing that will serve you right in the end. If you get a good feeling during the interview about the person, you’re not far wrong that they will work well in your organisation. Maybe they approached you and asked for a job before you advertised the post because they saw where they could help you out. If someone like that has the drive to approach you, then surely they are worth a gamble? You are looking for dynamic people who radiate enthusiasm for the company and lead effectively, that person has demonstrated all of those skills.

Looking for the right person takes time and dedication, and if it is a resource you can spare, then take the opportunity to find them. Many people talk about the notion of being “overqualified” for a job. Does that mean they are too good? Or is the organisation a poor fit for them and they will get bored easily? Looking for an employee that wakes every day to a new challenge, and has the will and drive is a great resource to find in a person. If you can find someone to match your enthusiasm, enthusiasm for the product and the company, then the battle of the business will be fought well.



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