Fuel with ZeroWater

Stay Hydrated and Safe While Supporting England with the ZeroWater Stainless-Steel UV-C Bottle

The Women’s World Cup is finally here, and England fans are gearing up to cheer them on. But while you’re watching the games, don’t forget to stay hydrated! The ZeroWater Stainless-Steel UV-C Bottle is the perfect way to do just that.

This stylish and durable bottle is made from high-quality stainless steel, and it features a UV-C cleaning cap that kills 99.99% of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. The cap blasts the water with UV-C light killing any harmful microorganisms, even e-coli. Instantly refresh the water and remove any unpleasant tastes or odours.

So, whether you’re watching the games at home or lucky enough to be down under you can be sure that your water is clean and safe with the ZeroWater Stainless-Steel UV-C Bottle. And with its stylish design available in 4 stunning colour options, you can show your support for the team in style.

Now you can enjoy the purist tasting, ZeroWater filtered water on the go with a ZeroWater Stainless Steel Bottle and Ultraviolet (UV-C) Cleaning Cap!

Choose a Stainless Steel 500ml bottle, available in four stylish colours, with either a 10mW lightweight Cap or 20mW Pro Cap with double the power.

The UV-C cap keeps your bottle clean and fresh and your water safe by periodically blasting the contents with ultraviolet rays killing bacteria, pathogens and viruses. The perfect solution to keeping your bottle odour free.*

Here are some of the benefits of using the ZeroWater Stainless-Steel UV-C Bottle while supporting England at the Women’s World Cup:

•             Stay hydrated and safe while you cheer on your team

•             Kill bacteria, pathogens, and viruses in your water

•             Have peace of mind knowing that your water is clean

•             Show your support for England in style

Grab the ZeroWater 500ml Stainless-Steel UV-C Bottle and stay hydrated and safe while supporting England Costs £44.99 from Zerowater.co.uk

*Please Note: UV-C caps do not filter water or remove chemical, metal or plastic contaminants so you are recommended only fuelling your bottle with ZeroWater filtered water.


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