FunSnap Capture

Taking Pictures Has Never Been So Easy

The FunSnap Capture arrives in a nice box with the Gimbal with battery inside, USB charger, Counterweight and instructions.

You’ll need to download an app called ‘Capture Move’ available on both Android and IOS, you’ll have to allow the app access to your Camera, Location Microphone and Storage for it to work.

The app will take up about 111MB of space on your phone

Bluetooth will need to be turned on for you to be able to use the gimbal to take pictures or record videos.

It’s easy to set up, in just 8 easy steps you’ll be able to use your gimbal to start snapping away.

  1. Download the app
  2. Open It
  3. Turn on your Bluetooth
  4. Once Bluetooth is on press OK then press enter
  5. Next place your phone in the gimbal, you’ll need both hands as it’s not the easiest thing to do but once in your phone will be safe
  6. Press and hold down the button on the front of the gimbal until it makes a sound
  7. You then use the mini joystick above to move the gimbal up and down and zoom in and out
  8. The button on the back is the picture button, click it and you’ll snap a nice selfie

You can take horizontal and vertical pictures

The gimbal won’t fit in your pocket and costs a bit but is leaps and bounds better than a cheap selfie stick.

If your selfie mad or vlogging about your life when you’re out on the go then this is an essential you’ll need, It’s easy to hold and helps capture steady pictures and with face tracking, you’ll always be the star of the show.


Oliver Walkey

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