Future of Programmatic Media

Programmatic RTB networks will become more popular in the future

Programmatic advertising is to become even more popular in 2019. Find out what trends are most likely to become effective this year. Consider the forecasts for the future of RTB networks

RTB networks such as Polus.media become more and more popular every year. They are based on a programmatic technology, which provides the users with the automation of selling and buying of advert inventory. The budgets spent on this type of marketing keep growing. The experts say that in 2019, the number of users applying such technology will continue increasing. Marketers keep asking questions concerning the future of programmatic. In this article, we will look at the modern trends of programmatic and its essence.

What’s programmatic?

Programmatic marketing is a special way of advert selling and buying. It is based on the automation, which became possible thanks to the application of computerized algorithms (the latest work on Artificial Intelligence). As a result, the purchasing process became much faster and transparent.
This approach is realized by means of special platforms. They offer plenty of options for advertisers and publishers allowing optimizing the adverts and ad space, monitoring the results of advert campaigns, targeting a narrower audience, etc. In general, programmatic advertising provides the optimization of resources and investments.

Programmatic advertising in 2019

As the experts say, programmatic marketing is becoming more and more popular. The budgets spent on this type of advertising grew by 19% in 2019. Thus, programmatic media buying is likely to be responsible for over 50% of all digital media purchasing.
More and more formats are now available via programmatic platforms. They work with various channels allowing accessing them through just one platform. Thus, you can buy an inventory for:
• displaying ads (for the devices using browsers)
• mobile adverts (for any portable devices for the placement of ads in apps or mobile web)
• video ads (for the placement of your materials on various video advertising platforms)
• TV ads, etc.

Programmatic keeps developing. The specialists say that traditional ad buying will also soon be available through such platforms. To effectively work with programmatic, any marketer needs a good strategy. It is vital to know your audience and to understand how to represent your brand in an interesting way. Besides, the growing number of ad blockers is another problem you can face. People are usually negative about online advertising, which is why you need to be smart enough and create the ads, which do not disturb them from the content and are relevant for them.

Modern trends

The year of 2019 shows plenty of new tools available for the application of programmatic. Let’s observe several trends, which might become efficient for marketers this year:
Programmatic TV. The buying of TV adverts by means of programmatic keeps slowly developing. In 2019, the growth is predicted to reach 5%. There are various kinds of ads available on TV for programmatic purchasing, for instance, broadcast TV, VOD, etc.
• Programmatic radio. Today people prefer using the Internet and listening to the streaming radio instead of the traditional one. There are platforms working with such radios, which give access to a significant number of users in various parts of the world.
• Programmatic guaranteed. The system allows finding a perfect match of the audience using cookies and other features. It is possible to create pre-agreement and to buy adverts at a pre-specified price. Thus, it is possible to get the required number of impressions.
• VAST. The system uses a special script, which allows managing the kind of adverts to show, the time it should be displayed, and what audience should and should not see it.
• Dynamic pricing. When we speak about the International News Media Association, we should know that their main goal is to sell as many impressions as possible. If the impressions stay unsold, they lose their money. The system of dynamic pricing allows making the price advantageous for both advertisers and publishers. It might be achieved with the help of exchange portals. The technology is characterized by flexibility and transparency.
• The mix of direct and programmatic sales. The majority of advert channels are now integrated with programmatic technology. Thus, advertisers have an opportunity to buy the ad space from the whole portfolio of publishers regardless of the server application. The modern trends tend to combine a programmatic approach with direct sales, making the purchasing process more efficient.
• The application of artificial intelligence. It is an integral part of many ad-buying processes. It can either replace the human force or assist people in certain processes. Besides, it is able to streamline the relations between advertisers and marketers faster that it is possible only with human involvement. Moreover, thanks to the advanced measuring system, the way they cooperate keeps changing.


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