Get Ready To Enjoy Sparkling Wine The Alt Way

Sparkling Wine can be irresistible, but for those who don’t drink alcohol but want some of that magic, what ALTernatives do they have?

That’s why ALT. was created in 2020, with the simple idea of not wanting those to miss out on a delicious Sparkling Wine, but without consuming the alcohol content.

But to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy their new creation, they made sure it was 100% certified organic, using only organic grapes and organic sugar and making it certified Vegan.

They only use a little amount of their organic sugar in each bottle, with their Rosé containing 4g and their White containing 2.9g.

ALT was founded by the partnership of two brothers, Christian and Alex, this isn’t the first time they’ve launched a non-alcoholic drink, so they have the experience to introduce ALT to the world. It was in 2020 at an informal evening dinner with their wives who were both desiring a non-alcoholic sparkling wine, working out the basics on a napkin, that they then launched their range of ALTernatives together.

The ALT Sparkling Wines

ALT Sparkling Organic Rosé – Tasting Notes – “Watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, ripe red berries on the aroma. Soft strawberries, watermelon, raspberries and soft pink floral on the palate.”

ALT Sparkling Organic Chardonnay – Tasting Notes – “Acidic green apples, crisp green apple flesh, hints of lime and lemon, apple juice with some foilage on the aroma. Soft green apple flesh, very juicy, overly ripe green apples on the palate.”

Let’s Make A Mocktail With ALT

With a small but detailed range of Mocktails on their website, let’s choose one of the most popular ones, the ALT. French 75 and see how their Chardonnay tastes instead of the normal Champagne.


  1. Add 35mls of a non-alcoholic gin into a Champagne glass
  2. Add 5mls of fresh lemon juice
  3. 10mls of simple syrup
  4. Then top up with a chilled bottle of ALT. Sparkling Chardonnay

ALT. French 75 Mocktail – Tasting Notes – “A fizzy zesty green apple and lemon character, soft, and surprisingly welcoming, turning into a zest fest at the close.”

The ALT White and Rosé are both available to buy now.

Oliver Walkey

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