Growing Your Software Developing Business 101

Working as an independent software developer has become an increasingly popular career over the last decade. With technology constantly improving, there is always a space in the market for developers. If you can create something that no one else has, then you’re going to be earning a brilliant wage.


The problem with software is that it’s constantly evolving into something better, and developers have to keep on top of it to stay in the game. It’s not necessarily something that you need to take a course to do, but there are options available for you. Some developers are self-taught, and keep themselves up to date by using online resources.


If you’re thinking of starting up your own business within this sector, then follow this checklist to make sure you’ve got all of the tools you need, to keep your business at its best and to keep your clients flowing in.



  • Equipment. Buy yourself a computer that can handle the programs you’re going to be running on it. Make sure it has the capability to run smoothly with multiple things open. If your computer runs slowly, it’s going to make it difficult to work efficiently. You may also want to consider getting different types of machines. For example, some programs work differently on PCs than they do on Macs. A good place to look is a site like Overclockers. This type of site gives you the ability to build your computer to exactly what you need.

  • Programs. Every software developer is different, so program wise, you may want to try a few free trials to see which one suits you the best. A popular program for coding use, however, is Sublime Text. If your business involves a team of people, an excellent suite to use is qTest Pulse. It allows all users to work on the same project and keep all of your work organised.

  • A business plan. When you’re designing software, you will need to know ultimately what you want to get out of it. Do you intend to sell your work or is it for personal use? If it’s something you want to make a profit from, then consider meeting with investors that can help fund your cause and get things going.

  • A website. Working online and in this industry, you’ll be expected to have a top notch website to show off what you can offer your clients. You probably already know how to create a website, but a good UI kit to use to create one is Bootstrap. As mentioned earlier, you may have your own preference or decide to try out different packages first.

  • Self-promotion. Your business and skills aren’t going to be found if you don’t self promote. Set up social media accounts and interact with your desired audience. Create adverts on social media that users can click on to come straight to your website.



One last tip is to stay focused. Believe in what you’re doing, and you will achieve what you set out to do. Programming can be frustrating, but it’s rewarding too.


Good luck with your business!


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