Here’s Why You Should Throw a Summer Bash at Work

If you only throw a company holiday party in the winter months at Christmas, then there’s every chance that you need a new way to boost employee morale during the year. A summer party can be just as fun as a winter party, and you can have an amazing time because you can move it outside to the warm weather. Being able to benefit from the sunshine is going to make a big difference to you and to your office team. You need something to look forward to in the summer months, so let’s take a look at why you should throw a summer bash at work this season.

  1. You’re going to boost employee morale. Happy employees are way more productive than unhappy employees, and if you only have a party or get together once a year, it’s not particularly great for morale. Get everybody to a local park and bring one of the masterpieces from Woody Oven. You can cook outside, have some Summer Games, and you could even throw your very own sports day if everybody’s game for it. Either way, it makes everybody happy to get out into the sunshine and just do it on company time.
  2. Make sure to celebrate your MVPs. A lot of the time businesses find January to June a time for trying to get the clients ready for the year. It’s very difficult to get business moving at the start of the year, so if you’re getting to June and you’re outpacing your own goals, this is great. Hosting an awards ceremony during the party and getting innovative with your gift.This is going to make everybody happy and give them something to look forward to.
  3. You’re going to foster better interdepartmental relationships. It’s so easy for employees, especially remote employees, to become quite siloed away and isolated. Instead of streamlining projects by working with coworkers on another team, they try to do it by themselves. Having a summer party gives the employees a reason to cross departments and talk to people they wouldn’t normally see during the work day. If you’ve got remote employees, it gives everybody a chance to mix together and get to know one another.
  4. Boost organic PR. If you have employees on active social media and you throw a great summer party, those pictures and those tick tock videos are going to be everywhere. Make sure you capitalize on it and create a summer party hashtag for employees to use for your industry. You can show it off a little bit on LinkedIn and show that you are the type of business that likes to let their hair down. If you’re doing it on company time especially, everybody’s going to thank you for it.

During the summer bash with the BBQ outside, some fun games and an award ceremony for your team is a great way to show people that you care about the fact that they are working hard for your business.


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