How are more corporate businesses highlighting the importance of fitness in the workplace?

We are finally in an age, where corporates and employers, are recognising that fit employees make for a much more productive, happy and united workforce. In the past, it was a common belief that people should work out in their spare time away from the office, even if their job left them with little free time. The emphasis was placed on working long hours, and this equated to getting more work done.

A lack of fitness and/or time to work out can actually lead to greater absenteeism, resentment against your boss and company and just generally feeling run down and exhausted. If you work long shifts during the week and have family commitments, the last thing you may want to do when you finally reach the weekend is to spend more time apart from your family in the gym.

Corporates have begun to step up their game and the most forward thinking companies are now making it easy for employees to get fit. This automatically creates a positive association link with feeling fit and happy and the workplace. It also means that your employees aren’t in a rush to get away from the office in the evenings to work out. By making it easy for them to get fit, you will reap the benefits of a happier and grateful team at work.

Fitness Bootcamps

This is one of the most fun and effective ways that corporates are instilling the importance of fitness in the workplace. Corporates are subsidizing or paying for a one-hour weekly or bi-weekly fitness session for their employees with a personal trainer. This can take place in the office, or in a local park, and is a great way for you to bond with your workmates! Most often, these take place at a time that won’t disrupt your work, so lunchtimes or evenings are most common. The cost per head is as little as £4, so it’s inexpensive as well!

Making it easy to cycle to work

There are many ways a company can help employees to cycle to work rather than drive, or take public transport. The best schemes include a subsidy towards the cost of the bike and the remainder of the payment being taken from your monthly wage, so it’s less hassle for you. They will also offer subsidies towards cycling equipment such as helmets and lights, and they will offer you an easily accessible space to store your bikes safely.

Flexible working hours

It’s stressful when you have a scheduled gym or personal training session planned in the evening. You have it all mapped out with precision– you know you need to leave the office at 5pm on the dot to get the train that will get you home at exactly the right time – you can’t afford to lose even a minute! It would be so much easier, if your company gave you the option to start work earlier and leave work earlier and luckily for many, companies are beginning to realize their employees are far more relaxed and cooperative if they allow them to create their own work schedule.

Creating a space for fitness

Most large corporates, are lucky enough to have space for a gym in their building. This is the most obvious way a corporate can signal to you that they want you to keep fit and healthy. There should also be shower facilities. The hope is that there is a range of equipment, which is kept clean. One single running machine is hardly inspiring to a workforce with different physical abilities and interests. For corporates, that don’t have space or funds for a gym, they are creating more basic workout zones, which may include mats, weights and other inexpensive equipment. The addition of music, and mirrors creates a great working out environment.

Gym memberships

Subsidised gym memberships may not be the most proactive way a company can instill the importance of fitness amongst its employees but they are still a useful tool, meaning fewer employees can use money as an excuse not to exercise. Most companies are able to agree a special rate with a nearby gym, so it’s definitely checking with HR to see if you qualify and can save some extra pennies!


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