How Contactless Payments Can Improve Your Restaurant Business?

The way we store, access, and spend our money has been changing for decades now. We used to back our currency with precious metals early in our history. In the following decades, governments began issuing fiat currencies without direct commodity backing. The concept of money was revolutionised as a result. The credit card came next – convenient, fast tools for exchanging numbers and managing accounts with a swipe of the card or insertion of the chip. Now with a card machine for business, a vendor can fully manage the finance section and other operations. The contactless payment method is a modern form of cash transaction for conducting business. The COVID-19 standard and a desire to avoid direct contact with customers have accelerated contactless payments in-store.

The concept of contactless payment involves making secure payments using near-field communication (NFC). Wireless technology such as NFC allows two devices to communicate within a short range, such as your smartphone and a payment terminal. When the customer taps their contactless card near a mobile card machine the terminal will read the information and send it to the card holder’s bank for approval and to initiate a fund transfer. 75% of UK retailers now accept contactless payments, according to a survey by National Retail Federation.

Benefits of contactless payment in restaurants

Your customers should not have to worry about anything but their next meal when they visit your restaurant. You can give them that peace of mind by accepting contactless payments, like Apple Pay and Android Pay, and you might even sell more food as a result. You can achieve these goals and many more by implementing a contactless payment solution like NPI in your restaurant, whether you want to improve the customer experience or just stay ahead of the technology.

Here we are discussing the benefits that restaurant businesses can get by accepting contactless payments.

Shorter processing for payments

Contactless payments save time, which is perhaps their greatest advantage. Customers must fiddle around with cash or wait for their cards to be processed with traditional methods. The process is much faster and more seamless when using contactless payments, however. It can help both customers and businesses move through lines more quickly and efficiently. As an additional benefit, contactless payments reduce the risk of theft and fraud. There is less opportunity for someone to commit a crime since there is no physical exchange of money involved.

Enhances the average value of tables

It is possible to optimise digital menus for mobile devices using a mobile card machine so that high-margin items are more appealing and delicious. Intelligent algorithms can be integrated into digital menus to offer recommendations based on the profile of the guest using modern contactless card machines. Thus, each table will have a higher value. Furthermore, diners are more inclined to spend more when there is less social friction when using self-serve technology like kiosks, online ordering, and contactless payments.

Give Customers a Better Experience

The digital age has made it necessary for customers to be able to pay for their purchases quickly and easily. You can offer your customers the convenience they crave and the speedy service they demand by accepting contactless payments. You can feel confident that your customers’ information is safe with contactless payments, as they are more secure than traditional methods.

A shorter wait time leads to less frustration between guests and a higher level of satisfaction. Guests as well as hospitality staff should adhere to this rule. Both sides benefit from this arrangement. In other words, using contactless payments enables users to make a payment in a much shorter amount of time than with traditional methods. It is also important to note that many people will spend more if the transaction process is simplified. In this way, these methods can sometimes be used to provide upgrades and other in-house amenities that guests would otherwise overlook. The time is now for you to add this type of payment option to your restaurant if you have not already done so.


You can also ensure the safety of your employees and customers by offering contactless payments in your restaurant. Employees and customers are protected from germs and bacteria by using contactless payments without handling cash or credit cards. Furthermore, contactless payments are more secure than traditional methods, so you don’t have to worry about personal information or data being compromised. By encrypting and using dynamic data techniques, chip technology prevents fraudulent purchases.

Staying competitive with technology

Society is more tech-savvy in recent years and people aren’t shy to get familiar with the newest technologies. Everyone has a mindset to explore and utilise the advantages of newly invented technologies. This claim is supported by studies showing that people prefer mobile wallets as their preferred payment method, as they are the most modern. It is possible to improve your reputation as a restaurant and build customer loyalty by offering customers preferred payment methods.

Best card machine provider for UK restaurant businesses

For those looking to purchase a card reader for their business in the UK today, UTP is among the top options. As one of the leading companies in the card machine sector, they provide customers with exceptional mobile card machines for contactless payments.

The Ingenico portable card reader, which has a range of up to 100 meters from the Bluetooth base unit or Wi-Fi router, can be used to process payments with contactless cards inside your building. This little mobile card reader is the ideal option for businesses because it was made for pay-at-table settings. Their card readers can handle all common credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your consumers can make contactless payments more quickly, easily, and securely using UTP mobile card readers. Following the straightforward installation instructions will allow you to start accepting card payments right away.

UTP provide unbreakable PCI compliance security with their mobile card reader. Their IWL line of mobile card readers are built for portability and have excellent battery life. Depending on your demands, you might anticipate using the iWL series for a few days.

The iWL series printers print at a rate of 30 lines per second, making them the quickest available. The company also guarantees that its powerful processor will execute transactions in a matter of seconds. Cutting down on printing time can increase productivity in-person.


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