How employee engagement can enhance customer experience

Over the years, a multitude of studies have shown that dissatisfaction with employees is unlikely to provide good customer service, no matter what industry you’re in.

However, you probably don’t need a study to tell you that if your employees are not engaged with their jobs, they are probably not representing your business to the high standards your customers expect, which can shatter customer experience and relationships and ultimately harm your business.

Why aren’t my employees engaged?

Disengagement is a complex problem that can arise from various sources. Whether it stems from poor professional relationships, unpleasant work environments and unclear career paths, it’s a bigger problem than most employers realise, as it’s usually quite difficult to identify.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to address these problems and provide employers with the motivation and morale needed to give your customers a great experience. These tips from Team Tactics will help you on that path.

Go past numbers and ratings

The state of employee engagement might not be due to a lack of effort on the employer’s part. Many companies use tools like performance ratings to detect problems in the workplace, however, traditional tools like this often fall short when hoping to engage employees. The problem stems from the fact that tools like this essentially reduce employees to just data figures, eventually becoming counterproductive. Anonymous feedback systems from managers and other employees have often shown to be complex and cumbersome, discouraging actual thoughtful face to face conversations.

Companies need to turn this data into a conversation and share feedback with employees, to help drive change in the organisation. Showing employees that their input has results is an important step to ensuring that people are committed to their work.

Team Building

The effects of team building activities for work go beyond having a fun day out with your workforce.They help build trust, improve communication and strengthen the bond between co-workers,especially in this day age, when businesses are all about survival of the fittest. Team building has become essential to remaining productive and competitive.

If your business happens to be based in the capital of England, check out these ideas for team building activities in London. Prioritising the need of your employees and building a happy workforce is bound to help you build your brand and increase sales.

Treat your employees well

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their hard work, and neglecting your employees when they work hard is one way to make them disengaged.

When employees are engaged and satisfied, the result becomes an elevated customer experience and deep customer connection. Whether this is treating your staff to a morning coffee every once in awhile, or taking them for a staff lunch to show your appreciation.

Whether you reward one-off achievements or establish regular quarterly prizes, keep your employees engaged and motivated so they are invested in your organisation. In turn, they will treat your customers with the care they deserve.



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