How has social media taken over the 21st century?

There are many ways in which social media has taken over our world, especially in terms of marketing and business. Here are a few examples…

Improved Customer service

Social media can put everybody in touch with everybody, including companies with their customers. Social media has completely raised the bar in terms of the lengths companies will go to provide excellent customer service. Nowadays customers can have their questions answered and problems solved at almost all hours of the day. This is especially valuable for companies that provide a 24 hour service. Social media has also given customers a platform to share their praise as well as their grievances, which is helping businesses to continue to improve and learn to value each customer as an individual. Because transactions between customers and companies are so public, companies that might otherwise overlook unsatisfied customers are obliged to address the issue for the sake for their reputation.

It’s helped small businesses grow

The internet is where are a lot of people are finding their fortune these days. Creatives and entrepreneurs from everywhere are all hoping to get online and make their dreams a reality. Social media has become a vital tool for doing just this and has been directly responsible for the success of a lot of independent business owners. People crowdfund using social media, showcase their work, connect with fans and build both a fan base and a collection of loyal customers. If you wanted to build a business the first thing you would do after deciding on your idea and business plan is get on social media. You can seek advice from other entrepreneurs, get support from online friends and even network with other business. However, this is only the beginning of your business. What you’re going to need after your business is merchandise, such as promotional woven patches and work on (our next topic) advertising.

Changed Advertising

Social media has completely changed the game when it comes to advertising (in both good and bad ways). On the one hand, social media has made advertising a lot more competitive, which means that as a result the quality of advertising campaigns has improved dramatically. Big businesses take their brand and advertising very seriously and use social media to flesh out some incredibly creative campaigns and get customers more engaged with the brand. In a way, advertising has become an art form on social media. It has reached such a point that people recognise it as entertainment more than they do an advert. On the other hand, social media has also made advertising a lot more invasive. The incredible competitiveness of businesses using social media has pushed them to further and further lengths in order to grab customers. On these social media platforms where we upload all of our information to share with our friends, companies go hunting for demographics and potential targets. They can use the information you put online to personalise your advertising, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Just be careful about the information you share on social media. You never know who might find it.



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