How Outsourced Payroll Services Save Time and Money

One of the best ways to streamline your company for optimal productivity and maximum cost-effectiveness is by deciding which aspects of your operations should and should not be kept in-house. Many businesses have found that outsourcing payroll is an easy way to significantly reduce their overhead spending, better allocate their time and ensure amazing results. Following are several ways that outsourced payroll services can save you both time and money.

Better Allocate Trained Talent

The trained talent that you’ve hired and cultivated are among your greatest assets. If you have good screening and hiring methods, each one of these individuals is capable of contributing to the growth of your business in different ways. By assigning highly experienced, financial professionals to basic, office duties, you’re essentially short-changing your organisation of the many other, far more beneficial contributions that these individuals can make. For instance, you may find that members of your current payroll department are highly effective in collections. If freed from their weekly or bi-monthly payroll duties, these team members can start collecting on past due accounts in order to significantly improve your bottom line.

Global Payroll

If you’re expanding internationally, you should definitely consider outsourcing your payroll services. Why? Because payroll is a complicated, time consuming task – especially if you don’t fully have a good understanding of local compliance, taxation and employment legislation.

Companies like New Horizons Global Partners are great for this type of service, especially if you’re expanding to Asia.


Nothing will have an impact on your company productivity like a failure to maintain compliance. If your payroll practices are not on par with government and industry standards, you could be subject to a host of wholly unnecessary fines and fees. Moreover, developments like these can actually affect your commercial reputation. Consumers are unlikely to view a business positively when it has a reputation for treating employees poorly. While this might not be your intention, late payments and miscalculated wages are common issues among businesses that attempt to handle these efforts in-house. When you outsource instead, you have access to trained professionals who aren’t multi-tasking when working on your accounts and who specialize in complex payroll rules and requirements. This means fewer mistakes, happier employees and the ability to maintain a positive public image.

Seamless Software Solutions For Payment And Tracking

By working with a payroll service in Richmond, companies can better use their time to promote and support their ongoing growth and expansion. They can also avoid compliance-related penalties and fines, keep their employees content and divert trained financial talent to collection efforts. Moreover, businesses that use these services also gain access to some of the most innovative options in payment and tracking software. These tools can give company owners a more expansive view of their operations and expenses. It can also include employee tracking features that factor into performance review cycles and hiring and firing decisions. Moreover, programs like these can often be seamlessly integrated with other in-office, tracking platforms to create an expansive knowledge-base.

Fewer Problems

Each time a regular and ongoing task like payroll is outsourced, companies find themselves with far fewer problems to contend with. This is a very time-consuming and tedious job and when companies do it themselves, it is often performed by people who are juggling countless other tasks. Once payroll has been outsourced, technical and tracking issues will all be mitigated, managed and resolved by a third-party provider. The result is a more peaceful and stress-free office environment and a level of employee that’s far more conducive to company success.

Companies, like dhpayroll in Richmond take a personable approach to every account they handle. This makes the transition from in-house payroll to outsourced payroll both easy and hassle-free. Third-party companies are adept at finding the best solutions for companies of all sizes and across all-industries. Thus, they are guaranteed to find the right service for you.



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