How Proper Ergonomics Can Transform Office Life

Ergonomics plays a more valuable role in business than many people realize. While they are important for health and safety, they can also improve mental well-being and even offer financial benefits to firms that implement them.

In this post, we take a deep dive into the power of ergonomic office furniture for helping your brand thrive. Read on to learn more.

Reduced Musculoskeletal Disorders

Perhaps most critically, proper ergonomic office furniture can help to prevent or even improve musculoskeletal disorders. Properly setting up staff at their desks can reduce pain significantly and avoid injuries, particularly in sensitive areas, like the wrists, hands, and neck.

Improved Circulation

Getting office furniture ergonomics right can also be beneficial for circulation. Adding adjustable chairs, keyboard trays, and desks lets employees find the perfect position for them that reduces strain and helps them feel their best.

What you want to avoid, according to an office furniture supplier, Waterfront Warehouse, is anything that makes workers slouch or feel cramped at their desks. Short-term, this sort of thing can lead to backache and headaches. However, longer-term it can cause more worrying issues, such as crushed nerves and problems getting blood to circulate the body. It can even lead to thrombosis or water retention in the extremities in people with existing cardiovascular conditions.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Getting ergonomics right in your organization can also reduce your direct and indirect healthcare costs. You are less likely to have to fork out deductibles for employees who want to fix health issues using insurance.

Particularly, you are less likely to have to pay out for musculoskeletal issues, including joint aches, torn muscles, or damaged ligaments from typing at the wrong angle.

These reduced healthcare costs can be significant. Just preventing your colleagues from having to go to the ER because of a sprained hand could mean dozens of extra hours of output in the office, pain-free.

Higher Productivity

Incredibly, studies show that getting ergonomics right can also boost productivity. Experts peg the improvement at 10 to 25% per cent, which is significant. At the upper end, that’s like having every employee in the office on Saturdays, too, after a five-day week.

Productivity is higher when you implement ergonomics because workers are happier. They are less likely to be in pain so they can get more done throughout the working day. Colleagues aren’t always fidgeting and trying to get comfortable.

Improved Eye Health

Getting furniture ergonomics right in your office could also improve colleagues’ eye health. Reducing the amount of strain prevents problems with the retina and cornea. It also cuts the chances of fatigue and dry eyes.

Of course, staff can improve their eye health by eating properly and avoiding excessive sun. But ergonomics also plays a significant role.

Reduced Stress And Anxiety

Finally, proper ergonomics in the office could also reduce stress and anxiety. When furniture is accommodating to the human form, it reduces tension throughout the body, helping the central nervous system relax. It can also lead to a more comfortable and positive work environment where pain is minimized.


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