How safe a driver are you?

Road safety is something that’s drilled into us from an early age. We’re taught our green cross code in school and then embark on numerous driving lessons and tests before we’re deemed to be fit to drive. That being said, sometimes disaster can happen and Slater Gordon PI lawyers have launched a new Safe Journey Guide to help keep the accidents at bay.

37% of people take up to 10 car journeys each week in which they are the driver so making sure you’re as safe as possible is important. Carrying out safety checks before you begin a journey can, at times, seem like a waste of time but they could end up saving a life.

Checking your tyres are roadworthy is crucial. Make sure they don’t have any cracks and have enough tread. Also make sure they’re pumped up enough and if they’re looking a bit deflated make sure you sort this before beginning your journey.

Giving your lights a regular clean can make the world of difference to their brightness. Keep an eye out for cracked lenses or blown bulbs and you can always drive up to a wall to check if they’re working or not.

Don’t wait until your warning light comes on before checking your oil levels. You’ll probably be surprised with how much oil your car can get through so keeping on top of it should ensure you don’t have any roadside disasters.

Make sure you’ve always got plenty of windscreen washer as trying to see through a dirty windscreen can be incredibly dangerous. Ensuring your car’s coolant levels are topped up before you begin a journey is an essential.

Personal health of the driver
We’ve saved the most important until last. Your car could be in perfect condition but if you aren’t feeling up to driving then don’t get behind the wheel. Fatigue, illness, alcohol, medication and simply having something on your mind can all be elements that impact your driving. If you’re not feeling 100% then don’t take the risk.

Although carrying out these checks can’t ensure your safety they can go a long way to helping you get to your destination in one piece!


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