How technology has created a trend of working from home

For many years, the global economy has operated upon the simple principle of employers and employees making their way to the office on a daily basis during the week to carry out their respective duties and responsibilities. Working in an office allows a company to function effectively, with everyone together in the same building to ensure every job is carried out in a professional manner and is complete on time.

While this remains the predominate choice of companies operating in every corporate industry, the 21st Century has seen a rise in the number of people who choose to work from home. Self-employed people who run their own start-up business or work for themselves have been joined by increasing number of employees who are allowed to operate and complete work without having to leave the house or enter the office. Numerous homeowners have transformed their spare room into a personal office which is equipped for carrying out work effectively and peacefully. Ever-advancing capabilities in technology have led to the production of devices that make it possible to work anywhere in your home. Buying a high quality sofa bed from Bedstar can allow homeowners to work from the comfort of their own living room, but there are other areas which can also be utilised.


As the main room in which homeowners are able to rest and recuperate after a long, arduous day at work or rigorous exercise, the bedroom should provide a relaxing environment in which to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Modern day bedrooms have transformed into a multi-purpose environment, with homeowners now choosing to watch television and films from the comfort of their own bed. While acquiring a comfortable bed is essential for peaceful sleep and relaxation, it can also be utilised by work from home personnel who can lay or sit on the mattress and place a laptop on their lap. Workers could also utilise the latest tablet devices which come with a keyboard attachment to make it easier to produce documents without touchscreen controls; the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a perfect example of a device that not only allows people to work effectively, but also remain on the pulse of business through direct app links to email accounts, schedule planners and stock market updates. This can be accompanied by an innovative pillow case which has a USB charger port fitted on one side to prevent draping wires across the floor and creating a trip hazard.


Taking electrical appliances into the bathroom was once considered the last thing any homeowner should do, but the latest handheld devices can safely be used in an environment that is purposely built to retain personal hygiene and overall cleanliness. While working in a bathroom is impractical, people working from home can still use their smartphone to check emails and remain in regular contact with those working from the office. The latest iPhone watch is water resistant which goes some way to solving the common problem of hearing a phone ring whilst in the bath or shower and being out of reach, meaning that an important business call will never be missed.


Enjoying the great outdoors may not be the first thing on people’s minds when working from home, but there is every opportunity to be productive outside in the garden. Lying down on a hammock, relaxing on a chair or sitting on a rug are all comfortable and relaxing ways to enjoy clear skies and nature, but they are also positions in which people can fill out spreadsheets, create letters and edit videos. Although laptops are portable forms of computer that can be taken anywhere, they have ultimately been preceded by tablets which not only provide high resolution screens and processing speeds, but considerable battery power and durability make them ideal for outdoor use. More importantly, the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 are fine examples of handheld devices that are lightweight and provide a considerable size screen to use apps that are designed for work-based software, such as word processing, database, spreadsheet and sound editing.


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