How the graphics on slots have improved

Nowadays, the graphics and design on slot machines has changed at the extent to which it is impossible to talk about one style. At sites such as Star Slots you can find several hundred online slots all with their own unique style and graphical features.

Due to a wide variety of themes, starting from the classic fruit machines and the the cartoonish ones, to the new 3d games featuring film heroes or TV-series, the creative industry had to adapt to the new requirements from the gaming industry bringing out new products with stunning visuals and layouts. In step with the times.

For example, designers use raster graphics for games which need to have even the smallest details emphasized, while vector ones are more suitable for slot machines which need to put an emphasis on the movements and on the realistic effects.

Improvement in Slot Game graphics 

Rewarding bonus features, the addition of more paylines, and themed soundtracks. All these elements together make the gaming experience a very fun one able to leave Players satisfied. The graphics makes its own big part too.

The advanced techniques used by designers and their own creativity have helped these industries to find the right style for their own slots, such as slotscalendar.

All the most known leaders in this industry have tried to include stunning icons, illustrations, and have focused their effort on little small details so to delight their own customers and make their experience much more entertaining and pleasing.

Lately, the renowned NextGen for example, has been focusing on creating super-hero themed slots. What makes these games extraordinary is their own graphics: the 3d design, the fizzy visuals and the colourful background make them stand out giving the extra-touch they need to be remembered over the years.

Focused on creating cartoonish, Asian and fantasy themed slots, the iGaming business GameArt, realise very colourful and creative digital games using fictitious avatars or characters like animals and people taken from real life. Spread throughout Europe, the company has been providing multilingual games optimised for mobile devices.

Locally based on the Isle of Men, the colossal Microgaming has been realising slots about popular TV-series as well as progressive jackpot. Really advanced in terms of creating games adaptable to mobile devices, their graphics is optimised for mobile users too. A remarkable layout and expert animations are maybe part of the reasons why they are so appreciated.

Some other businesses focus on unique logo images and symbols while others make use of great animations and visualization techniques. It all depends on the kind of slot they realise.

Final Thoughts

The world of online gaming is changing as well as their visuals. The new game layouts reflect the multitude of themes they belong to. Thanks to the advancement in the technologies used, graphic designers can create stunning illustrations, icons and visuals. Are you eager to compare illustrations among slots? Then, try to play different ones and choose the layout you like the most.


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