How to attract more Footfall to your Market Stand

We all love to see our stands busy, bustling activity and customers stood there with money in their hands desperate to purchase your items… Now back to the real world!

Crowds usually attract crowds purely because us humans are inquisitive and certainly at the local market we are concerned we may be missing out on a bargain if a stand seems to have a load of people surrounding it – It is always a good thing to have interest around your stand so here are ways in which to improve your stand appeal:

  • Take a look at your stand and be critical, view it from where the consumers see it – Does it appeal to you, are the prices and products loud enough to attract their interest – Maybe you are packing in too much within such a smaller area that it confuses people?
  • Engage the walkers by with an experience such as giveaways orĀ a live competition (ie spin the wheel) or free samples to taste/experience. Yes it may cost you that little bit more, yet you are actually attracting people to your stand to give you the chance to speak with them and sell your products. Remember that we all love something for nothing!
  • Smile, smile, smile… I am sure many will agree that a person who smiles at you in deed welcomes you and this goes just the same way for a stand owner when they smile at anyone paying attention to them / their stand. A warm smile can help draw people to your stand, making them feel welcomed and less under pressure. Look at other negative body language and avoid them such as folding arms, avoidance of eye contact, frowning, clenched fists and more that can give out a bad vibe.
  • Knowing your products inside and out with a story to tell for each. Even if you are selling apples it pays to further engage your customers with the most basic of facts such as only picked this morning or these are locally grown in our own county etc
  • Not too loud or not too quiet is also key, try and get a good noise balance of promoting your stand over anything too loud and off putting. Remaining quiet and reserve will not always get you noticed so be seen and heard!



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