How to Build a Great Content Marketing Team

Too many cooks spoil the broth but many hands make light work, so say two of the most familiar, yet conflicting, of old Chinese proverbs. When it comes to building a content marketing team however, which indubitably any successful business will need to do at some point, you can do a lot worse than to keep these two ancient sayings in your mind. Get the balance just right and you’ll have a well-oiled content team on your hands, capable of working miracles and driving conversion rates through the roof. Get it wrong and you might well be heading for failure.

How to build a great content marketing team then, is an important concern for any business charting its path in the waters of online marketing. Look for particular traits in people and cohesive factors that help build a team and success will come easier. Here’s how to go about doing so.

Native Speakers

They might cost more per piece or per hour than virtual workers from countries where English is a second language but native English speakers are pretty imperative when it comes to crafting great, readable content or even when it comes to communicating through video and beyond. Grammatical and spelling errors are usually rife when it comes to outsourcing work to non-natives and it’ll cost you more in editing costs and time in the long run than it would building quality content in the first place. Don’t cut this corner if you’re looking to build long-term trust with customers and readers.

Topic Knowledge or Experience

If you can find members of a team that are familiar with your product, service and niche then you’re on to a winner in terms of finding valuable assets for your content marketing team. Writers who know your topic inside out are likely to come up with ideas faster, execute faster, research faster and bring in a length and breadth of contacts that you might not have had otherwise. The more experience on your niche topic a content creator can bring, the more motivated they are likely to prove with the chances of higher quality work that leads to conversions increasing likewise.

Members with Social Outreach

Find team members who already have some level of thought leadership or who are seen as reputable authorities in a niche and you’ll have their audiences to tap into just as much as your own. When it comes to helping to cross promote your content and gain wider exposure this will pay dividends. Obviously these types of people aren’t going to be cheap but if you can catch those who are coming up, with burgeoning audiences, then you might able to get them on your staff at affordable rates and have them mould your strategy into something great.

Building a content marketing team is something that should be well considered when it comes to implementing and executing an effective content marketing strategy. Key players, helping to support the less experienced, can go a long way in helping you get the results you desire. Keeping both you and your customers happy.


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