How To Choose The Right University: 5 Useful Tips

Is it time for you to choose which university to go to? If this is the path you want to take, there are certain things to consider before applying. From the subject that you want to study to the length of the course, you need to be sure that it’s the right route for you.

Choosing a university might be daunting – whether you’re looking to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD degree. So how do you do it? Here are 5 useful tips you can use to help you decide as to which university is the best for you!

Attend an Open Day

This is a great way of determining what it could be like to attend a certain university. Giving you the opportunity to walk around the buildings, see what resources they have and meet with the lecturers, it’s an invaluable taster.

By attending a variety of open days at different universities, you’ll then be able to compare and contrast based on what you thought about them during your visit – which then, in turn, helps you to make the final decision.

View Student Accommodation

Although this isn’t the main priority of many students, it’s still worth doing. When viewing a university on an open day, ensure that you look at the accommodation that they are offering potential students. This will vary depending on the universities you’re looking at; some definitely will be better than others.

Pay attention to what you’ll be getting for your money and consider what your requirements are. For example, many students will want their own en-suite bathrooms rather than sharing one with other students within the flat.

Look at Course Content

No matter what subject you’re thinking of doing, it’s a good idea to look at the course content offered at different universities. As this will also differ, you might decide that you like what one university is offering over the other.

Whether you’re looking at completing an online degree (such as an online mha degree or something similar) or you want to study on campus, this is a key process that will help you to make your end decision.

Read Reviews

This is often a step that many students don’t take but can be very valuable in the long run. If you still can’t make a decision as to which university is the right one for you, try and read some reviews about them online from current or past students.

Similarly to attending an open day, this will give you a flavour into what it’s like to attend the university, what the lecturers are like, if there was anything that could be changed, etc.

It’s also helpful at determining what career you could go into in the future. Showing how that qualification is useful in certain fields, it could help to create a path for your future.

See What Extracurricular Activities They Offer

As well as the course itself, during this process it could be useful to look at what extracurricular activities they have to offer. From societies to after class clubs, you’ll be able to see what other activities you can enjoy alongside your degree.

There are many benefits of joining these, from being able to meet new people to showcasing to employers that you used your spare time doing something other than studying.


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