How to convert Twitter content into website traffic.

How to convert Twitter content into website traffic

Social media is a great way of increasing awareness of your business. However, how good is it unless it’s actually increasing your sales?

These tips will help increase the chances of your followers actually visiting your website and generating a sale:

1) Link Link Link – The big one! The easiest way for your followers to access your website is through providing a link. Therefore, where appropriate, attatch the URL to your post. It also makes the post more interesting, increasing the liklihood of someone taking the time to read it.

2) Competitions – Launch competitions which require visiting the website. This will immediately grab followers attention, as let’s face it, who doesn’t like a freebie?! Make sure the competition is not too complicated as you don’t want to lose the followers attention – and make the prize worthwhile!

3) Target relevant followers РA large following base is good, as it looks positive to other companies. However, it is best for these followers to be actually interested in what you do. So make sure who you follow is likely  to want the service you provide!

4) Be clever – Don’t post too many ‘sales’ posts. It will cause your followers to view your Twitter as a sales platform, and possibly unfollow you. However, still occasionally push this type of content as it shows what you have to offer and will appeal to those you are targeting!


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