How to create engaging social media posts for all your blog posts and content

You’ve just written a number of brand new blog posts and content! It’s amazing and you can’t wait to show the world!

So, now what?

What steps do you have in place to to distribute this wonderful new resource on social media to maximise its impact? And, more importantly, what processes are in place to get LONG TERM impact out of this wonderful new resource?

The truth is that most content have the lifespan of a mayfly.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With our strategy below, I’ll show you how you can create engaging social media updates right from all your content and blog posts.

This strategy is called Splintering.

Splintering is the process of breaking off bits and pieces from your content and turning them into social media updates.

When your piece of content is published and ready for sharing, you have all the source material needed to splinter shareable content for social media updates.

Look to splinter the following from your blog post and content.

  • headlines
  • quotes
  • images
  • questions
  • statistics


No doubt your content will have a main headline, but what about sub-headings? Break up your content with a number of sub-headings and these are great social posts.


Quotes are a great way to back up your content from an industry expert.


Social media is now becoming far more visual. Take the opportunity to use relevant images and turn quotes, questions and statistics into images too. Canva and PosterMyWall are great tools for doing this.


Questions is great for getting the conversation started and increasing engagement too. What questions could you write to spark a conversation?


What interest facts and figures could you use to back up your content and argument? Like quotes, statistics are a great way to get people’s attention on social media.

Your content needs to be as rich as possible to get the most engagement, therefore I recommend you include as much as the above as possible.

How could I implement this strategy?

I hope you found the above strategy useful. It will certainly allow you to create social media posts from your blog posts and content.

The easiest way to implement this would be to:

  1. Create a spreadsheet
  2. Add headings for Social Media Post, Links, Hashtags, Publish date
  3. Create social media posts using the strategy we’ve suggested above. Use URL shorteners to maximise character usage.
  4. Upload to Hootsuite or your preferred social media management tool.
  5. All Done

I’ve found that this typically takes 25-30 minutes per piece of blog post or content. This of course is dependent on the individual.

Want some help?

What if I said to you that there is an even faster way to do this, that automates the strategy we’ve suggested…

..would you be interested?

If Yes, keep reading below..

As a Social Media Manager, Executive or some one who manages Social Media we know that you’ll need to write hundreds of social media posts and manually upload them on a weekly basis which is a tiresome and some times tedious process. As a result you’re finding that you need more hours in the day 🙁

Sometimes you may feel unappreciated and undervalued given the amount of work you’ve gone through, only to have to do it again the next day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have more time each day to focus on other social media activities such as engagement and reporting for example?

Introducing SwiftlySocial…


SwitflySocial creates sharable social media posts from your blogs and content in minutes.

How does it work?

  • Swiftly suggests social media posts automatically by entering your content URL.
  • Edit the content Swiftly has chosen including adding hashtags.
  • Create images too.
  • Create social media posts directly from your content with our highlight tool.
  • Then post directly to your Social Media channels using Buffer (No more uploading). You can of course download via .CSV file too if you use another platform.

This process takes just 10 minutes per blog post! Even faster in some cases too 🙂


Sign up for a free trial of SwiftlySocial via the link below.

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