How to create rocking Tweets?

160 Characters? May not feel enough to wow your audience!

Dear Reader, quality matters over quantity. Engaging words that come directly out of your mind makes a big difference. Rock stars will always have more followers than you and I. But we can be rock star in our own niche.

How? That’s the trick. Feeds are Fodder to Twitter. Let’s serve the Fodder with some good nutritional value; take few in circle, follow your interests and in no time enjoy a Twitter status like a celebrity!

Trick 1:

Write tweets during the time of the day, when you are in your most positive mindset. Do not share that your car ran out of petrol on the highway. This could be a private message to family and friends for help. Sit down, take a deep breathe. You are going to speak in front of millions of Tweeters. Think what could be Fodder for thought? Include Variety. Write 10 Tweets every day. Schedule them via a post scheduler like Hootsuite.

The Hootsuite allows you to post during optimum times of the day.

Trick 2:

Write short Tweets somewhere between 80 to 130 characters. Tweeters come for scanning the timeline. They are following a million others like you. Be different; include words in your Tweets that raises questions in audiences’ mind, like what is this, or how does this work. Many will stop by your Tweets. Humans love showing off, its nature, even most introverts type do that. An Interesting you means people will make you a favorite and Retweet your Tweet. Your followers will grow.

Trick 3:

Variety Works. Do you publish a blog or does a team member do that for you? Look across today’s posts. Make a couple of punch lines. Now go to Hootsuite or take it directly to Twitter. Post those beautiful words embedded with a blog post link. If you are posting auto tweets via your blog, then create some posts manually too. Humans understand better binary than a robot.

Embed Tweets with suitable Hashtags

Trick 4:

Who is your idol? None! Do you have some favorite websites? Definitely everyone who sits in front of a computer will have some. Why are you keeping them in favorites? Perhaps those sites are of some good use to you. Look across the feeds that they are posting. Pick some selected posts, write a few characters and embed the link in your Tweets. No, this way you are not promoting other websites, indeed it shows respect towards others and also serves some good fodder to animals in the ring.

Trick 5:

Crack Humor: Even the most introvert of beings laugh sometime during the day. Remember those moments when you bust out laughing during your lunch break. Create some graphic around it and take it to twitter. Or search online. You may find many websites and ebooks talking humor. Take some funny quotes and post to Twitter. If required, mention source.

Trick 6:

What’s trending now? Look inside Twitter, talk around trending topics. Food, politics, business, gossip, sports, celebrity or anything about something you are comfortable talking about.


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