How To Design A Beautiful, Functional, and Timeless Outside Spaces

The exterior of your home says a lot about you. When guests come to your home, they first see the outside space and can already guess what inside looks like. Don’t allow your perfect interior to look less just because your exterior space looks chaotic.

Do you have a picture of what you want your dream house to look like from the outside space? If you don’t and you are wondering how you can design it to be captivating, functional, and timeless, here are some tips on how you can design your outdoor space.

1. Know what you want.

Before you choose a design, consider your needs and the needs of the entire family. Remember, this could be a permanent look for your home, and it has to be the best. Try to maintain a balance with the inside space. The inside space should always match with the outside space.

If you want a natural landscape with wildflowers or a pool with swimming ducks, consider having windows that face them. The flowers might be the first thing you want to see when you wake up. You could use decking boards to neatly surround the pool.

2. Use the same colour and style that is inside.

You should try your best to make the outside feel like a part of the inside that got extended. The style of furniture that you choose for the indoor space, choose for the outdoor space.

If you prefer to appreciate natural surroundings like flowers, stones, or the green plants, go for monochromatic furniture and curtains to blend the outside design with your inside design. Composite decks are available in designs that retain the nature of your backyard. Give your home a simple, quiet, but very sassy look from the outside.

3. Composite decking works the magic!

You want a long-lasting outdoor look. Consider using composite decks in your landscape. The decks come in different colours and sizes, depending on what you want. Use composite decking for your outdoor floor and pavements. It will give you a stylish, timeless outdoor space, and you won’t have to worry about high maintenance.

4. Add a pergola for shade.

You may love sitting outside all day, but the scorching sun can’t let you. Make a covered pergola from composite decking boards. They are lightweight and installing them is way easy. You will never have to worry about re-building your pergola since the composite boards are weather resistant.

Create a beautiful outdoor room using climbing plants over the pergola to maintain the natural look and enjoy a cool hot day. You can match the colour of the decking boards with the outdoor couch.

5. Light up your outdoor space.

Lighting is an essential aspect of beauty. If you go for a decked outer space, you will need to consider lighting it up. For families who love to spend their evenings outside roasting mush mellows, adding some light is a must.

Consider the kind of lights you use to maintain the right mood at all times. Solar lights may be the best for a soothing environment. Lighting increases glamour and enhances security for your home.

6. Paint your exterior home.

You may love your exterior having a vintage look, and that is okay, but painting it doesn’t mean that it losses that look. Consider painting the outdoor to give it a beautiful flash look. If you have used composite decking boards that are bland or brown. There are several colours you can use on your outdoor decks. Colour them green or orange to add glamour to your home.

7. Strike a balance between symmetry and shape.

Balancing the shape and the symmetry of your home is essential. If your house has square edges, consider having the same on the outdoor. Make lawns with square edges or flower beds, assuming a square shape. Your home will look more organised if you achieve symmetrical rooflines lawns and pavements.

8. Create terraces for flowers.

If you live on a sloppy ground, the topography may make it hard for you to grow plants. Consider making terraces to grow your landscape plants. Use composite decks to bind the slope deep underground and create beautiful layers for your outdoor plants. Create a timeless, beautiful outlook for your home without fear of extreme weather.

9. Get beautiful furniture for your exterior home.

Beautiful furniture that perfectly fits your outer space can make it cosier than you can ever imagine. Entertain your guests in a comfortable yard. You can have a pergola, but they can’t get to enjoy it if they stand sipping coffee.

Arrange the furniture and other art pieces in a way that gives you the joy you deserve. You should match the colour of the furniture with the colour of composite boards on the floor.

10. Use potted flowers and plants.

Plants have their way of softening the look of a back or front yard. If you have a small exterior and you already covered the entire space with composite boards, use potted plants on strategic parts of the yard to neutralise the’ woodiness. Customise your flowerbeds using decking boards, fill them with growing media like soil, and plant small ornamental plants for a change.

11. Get a fence for your yard.

Having everything you may have visualised for your out space implemented. It’s time to put a fence in place. You and your family will feel safer sitting in a fenced backyard. Privacy is a way of entertaining guests too. Make a small privacy fence using composite boards or wood or plant a live fence if you want it natural.


Your yard is the most memorable part of your outdoor area. Ensure people admire it and even want to copy the design. Choose the right plants, materials, decks, or look for professional landscapers for your dream OutSpace look.


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