How To Double The Value Of Your Home

Want to add some serious value to your home? Through various home improvements and selling tricks it’s possible to increase your home’s price tag by as much as double. Below are just some of the measures worth combining to achieve this.

Add another bedroom

Average value added: 15%

If you have a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom home, adding another bedroom could be one of the most dramatic ways to boost your property’s value. Loft conversions and garage conversions can be some of the most profitable ways to do this. Alternatively, you could build an extension.

Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom

Average value added: 15% (10% for a new kitchen and 5% for a new bathroom)

Is your kitchen dated or overly small? Modernising or expanding your kitchen could be another way to add a lot of value. Bathroom remodels typically add a bit less value, but can still be other worthy improvements. Renovate both together and you can add as much as 15% to the value of your home. New fixtures, better lighting and flooring upgrades are some of the big things to focus on.

Make energy-saving improvements

Average value added: 8% (4% for insulation upgrades and 4% for solar panels)

Energy-saving improvements won’t just reduce your energy bills, but could also boost the value of your home. When it comes to insulation, consider measures like installing double glazing or loft insulation (if you haven’t got these already). As this Zillow guide explains, installing solar panels will also add value by reducing demand on mains electricity.

Improve kerb appeal

Average value added: 10%

A home that has ‘kerb appeal’ looks attractive from the front and can sell for more. Consider measures like cleaning windows, adding a new front door, repainting the exterior or repairing visible cracks. Repairing driveway damage or sprucing up a front garden could also make a difference.

Invest in landscaping

Average value added: 10%

If your garden is looking fairly neglected, consider investing some money into taming it to add some extra value. Installing a patio or deck if your garden doesn’t already have one could add some major value. A new shed can also potentially add value. This post at Ideal Home explains more about which features can add value to your home.

Stage your home

Average value added: 10%

Staging a home involves decluttering and depersonalising it in preparation for a sale. To effectively stage a home, you’ll need to hide away your personal possessions or use a self storage company like Squab Storage to keep them out of sight. Some homeowners even temporarily move out and live with family/friends during viewings in order to give their home that depersonalised showhome feel.

Sell at the right time

Average value added: 5%

Finally, it’s worth considering when to sell your home. If you choose to sell when there are fewer buyers, you may struggle to secure a fast sale unless you’re willing to lower the price of your home. An example of a bad time of year is November and December. Spring is a much better time to put your home on your market at a higher price because more buyers will be out there now that Xmas is out of the way.


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