How to get your ideas to spread on Social Media.

How to get your ideas to spread in social media

There is no stronger marketing than word of mouth and there is no better platform to canalise it than social media.

The industrial-oriented business model from last century where the success of companies was based on achieving economies of scale to produce more quantities at reduced costs is getting obsolete. Business owners need to understand that nobody cares about their products, unless they become meaningful. Today, with a fast growing competition industry-wide and users being bombarded all day with advertorials, in order to stand out companies must differentiate and add value. The vision should go beyond being cheap and convenient – there will always be someone cheaper than you – but being different, innovative, and when possible revolutionary. Take for instance what Apple did over the past decade, they accomplished a phenomenal economic growth becoming the most valued company of all times, and they got there not by being cheaper but by revolutionising industries and creating a sense of belonging to their users who valued the brand beyond its products – they loved Apple’s philosophy.

At we put in our users’ shoes and think what would they love to see in our website. Instead of investing big budget on display advertising, we focus on creating a learning organisation which can be aligned with customers’ needs and dynamically empower them with the greatest solutions for their purchasing problems.

HireJungle not only provides a valuable website where people can save or make money commission-free, but elaborates educational content where users can get inspired and learn not only how to DIY, but also why. These non for profit initiatives aim to set the pillars for a meaningful environment that hopefully can position our brand beyond commercial purpose. An example of educational initiatives are the resources posted daily at our blog, or for instance the leaderboard where we outline UK’s top 100 hire companies most influential in social media and proved to be newsworthy on Twitter driving over 100 followers in few days.

Today HireJungle is working towards innovating with further features on site that would bring even more value to users, who would be able to hire any product available on the web hassle-free. This is another example of a learning organisation that will keep innovating and pushing the limits of what can be done to amaze consumers with unique and remarkable solutions. We’ll leverage all our web resources via social media channels to spread the news.


1-      Align your company’s comms to tell customers not how, what or when, but why

2-      Tell stories that can inspire others and connect your brand emotionally

3-      Differentiate through innovation and quality service not by being cheaper. This way you’ll attract loyal customers

4-      Users have more choices than ever and less time, so nobody cares about your products. Create meaning and sense of belonging

5-      Very good is boring. Be remarkable

6-      A great product itself is not enough, in order to get sales you need your ideas to spread

7-      Don’t market average audience (crowds), but instead target early adopters because they care and maybe, maybe they will tell their friends about your products

8-      Design and details matters

9-      Be social

In order to achieve any of the above mentioned, companies need to switch their industrial mindset and adapt to nowadays fashionable world whatever is the industry they operate in. Investing heavily to appear on Google’s first page, or spending massively to display your ads on mainstream media is more risky today than ever, as users are very good at ignoring your ads. Instead, if you can manage to differentiable remarkably, you will have powerful brand ambassadors that would spread your news through social media and make all that hard work for you.

Guest Blog from: Marcelo Barreneche. Founder.


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