How to guide for creating a successful film advertisement

Nowadays, if you are thinking about creating a film, you will need a good advertisement to go along with it. By creating the perfect film advertisement, not only are you trying to raise public interest about your movie, but you are also trying to show your film in its most artistic form. That’s why you need a film advertisement that looks good so people are willing to give your movie a chance to shine. Here are a few tips on how you can create a successful film advertisement.

Choose how you want to advertise your film

When we think about films, we naturally think that their adverts are short snippets of their narrative that build up suspense or interest in the story that is on offer. Most of the time, this is true, but if you are going to try and gain as much notoriety as possible, you need to consider many other options for marketing. Film advertising can come in a variety of mediums:

• Online video advertisements
• TV video advertisements
• Flyers
• Bus advertisements
• Online banners
• Mobile game advertisements

Think carefully about the different types of marketing available to you. The more of them you utilise, the more likely it is that you are going to appeal to a wider demographic of people. Each medium you utilise may require a different type of advertisement to go along with it, so try to stick to your theme when you create new ads.

Avoid spoilers

It can be tempting to put as much of your movie as possible into your advertisement. However, less is more! When you make an advertisement, try to build up intrigue. You need to show off who your characters are, what their narrative is and potentially a small snippet of the issue they are going to face. That way you can leave your audience wanting more. Therefore, they will have to see the movie to find out what has happened.

Appropriate music

Having the right music to accompany your film advertisement can really add to the drama and interest. It can also enhance the theme so that your viewers understand the genre of film they are going to see.

Social Media

No matter what type of film advertisement you have constructed, be it a poster or video, make sure to create a social media page to go with it. That way you can share snippets of the movie, behind the scenes and interviews with your actors. This can be incorporated into your social media advertising strategy, and is a great way to build up a following of viewers.

Publicity Stunts

Don’t forget that if you want to stand out compared to other films, you may want to make a publicity stunt to raise awareness for your film. The more unique your stunt is, the more you will stand out. So, why not book a space in a big city to perform in? It’s bound to gain attention!

Are you ready to create a film advertisement?

With the right advertising, your film is bound to succeed. Make sure to do your research before you get started, using these tips and tricks as a springboard to success.


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