How to Improve the User Interface of Your WordPress Blog

While developing a site on WordPress, it is easy for you to design a website which we have been familiar with all these years, but will that work? If you are creating a business website, then you will have to create a site as per your audience hence the term UI pops up in our minds. First, let us understand this term.

What is the User Interface (UI)?

UI is a term or rather an element used in a website which enables the user to effectively interact with the site. It can mean the site controls or the buttons. UI helps the user to interact with the website making the user experience better.

Why UI is Important for WordPress Designers:

User experience is the most important thing we need to worry about in a website as the site has been created to cater the customers. Web designers focus on the aesthetic look of the site and marketing team is interested in making the website optimized for improving engagements, but all these efforts are of no use if the users do not understand how to interact with the website itself.

For a successful business, the website needs to be informative and easy to interact along with an efficient enterprise SEO tool in place.

Test this theory by creating two similar websites, one with a standard design temple and the other focusing on the interactive elements. You will find that the later has more engagement as the users know where they need to click next and are willing to engage whereas the former will display a high bounce rate as the users may lose interest in the site altogether.

How to Implement UI in WordPress?

Keep the Search Bar and Navigation in Place:

While playing with the website design may be tempting, leave the search bar and the navigational elements in place as moving them around will only make your website difficult to navigate through. Users have a set image of websites usually and they assume that certain elements will always stay in its place. Moving these elements around will only add on to a higher bounce rate.

Be Creative Along with Being Conventional:

Moving around the navigational element is not an option but you can definitely do something creative by not moving it. Add some personality to it and make it more interesting while retaining its familiar position on top of the website.

Keep it Simple:

Keeping a simple site layout makes it easy for the user to move around and interact with the site rather than adding complex elements which confuse them as to what they should be doing next on the page. The site should have all the desired elements but still look crisp, fresh and minimal with a monochromatic colour scheme where you can highlight important components by adding pop colours.

Use Headings:

When you add content to the site, use various headings to break your text and highlight the important pointers. Use quotations and bullets as well in the editor to make the content stand out. There is a list of legible and attractive Google fonts you can select from to add text to the site. You can also use different colour schemes to highlight a text in the content.

Add Images:

Adding only content will make the site boring for the user to read through, adding visual elements can make the site interesting. You can use illustrations, images or infographics to break through the monotony. In fact, add posts that contain all the information in the infographics for the ease of sharing and fun way to understand the content.

Applying Card Layouts:

Many premium WordPress themes come with this kind of layout for displaying the content along with the meta description which looks clean and is easy for the users to understand and interact with.


Another popular UI design is adding parallax scrolling that creates a great experience on all devices. Most WordPress themes nowadays come with this feature and it is a great design trend which good UI developers need to adopt.


A user only cares about a functional site which is swift and gives a good user experience hence by implementing these tips, you will not just be a WordPress designer but will also become a UI and UX designer.



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