How To Infuse Your Own Gin

Have you ever wanted to give a basic gin a new flavour, or maybe even add a new layer to your favourite gin, with a little time and some help from Vonshef, you can!

This Gin Infuser Set gives you 4 different flavours to work with, along with a fine strainer to help remove the ingredients after infusing.

Vonshef Gin Infusion Set

Juniper Berry – Orange Blossom – Mallow Flower – Dried Orange – Fine Strainer

The 4 flavours you get to experiment with are juniper berry, orange blossom, mallow flower and dried orange.

Let’s Start Our Infusing Gin Journey.

First, we need to pick a gin, preferably one with little flavour or you could go for your favourite in hopes to add a new layer of flavour.

I’ve gone for a reliable British Gin, Pothecary.


Handcrafted British Blended Gin – Pothecary

Pothecary Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Juniper berries.”

Taste – “Herbal and floral with a hint of lemon peel.”

I’m chosen to go for Orange Blossom and Dried Orange, something different that I haven’t tried before.

Pour in however much gin you would like to infuse and then add in your chosen ingredients.

This is where you might want to pour yourself a glass of Gin to enjoy while you wait because you will need to allow up to 24 hours for the Gin to properly infuse itself with any of the 4 ingredients.

The Next Day

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening, it’s the next day now, and it’s time to taste your Infused Gin.

You first need to strain out your ingredient, in this picture I’ve drained out the dried orange and orange blossom with my fine new strainer.

Vonshef Gin

Extracting the Orange Blossom & Dried Orange Pieces.

When I first put the Orange Blossom & Dried Orange into the gin, I could see it changed to pale gold in colour, this gold only got darker and richer the longer I left it.

Orange Blossom & Dried Orange Infused Gin Tasting Notes

Pothecary Gin

Pothecary Infused With Orange Blossom & Dried Orange.

Aroma – “A strong aroma of spring orange blossom and hints of dried orange on top of juniper berries from the Pothecary.”

Taste – “Juniper berries and herbal, with an undertone of orange and lemon peel, you get a nice orange after taste.”

The orange infusion took a stronger stance on the aroma than it did the taste, but that’s a good thing, you might not want the flavour of your gin to be completely taken over by infusing it, if you wanted the infusion to take over the gin flavours, you can always try putting in more of the ingredients.

I’ve only tasted two of the four ingredients you can use to infuse your gin with, within this set from Vonshef, so why not give it a try, you never know, you might just infuse the next big Gin.

Oliver Walkey

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