How To Make Your Company Go Viral

Going viral is rarely something you can wholly plan for, as there’s always an element of luck at work to some degree.

However, there are certainly a few things you can do that better your chances of getting your firm’s name well and truly out there. That said, it’s a process centred around building a sense of momentum, so patience is your key virtue to utilise here.

But what are things you should consider? To answer this for you, we’ve listed a few pointers below that you’re very welcome to browse.

Be Plugged In

The world of business is ever-changing, and more companies are moving all their efforts and processes to cyberspace.

You can’t go viral unless your plugged into the digital world. Utilise search engine optimization, post multi-media content like videos, blogs, or even podcasts, and really push your brand presence to the fore of all the noise. If what you make is good, it will eventually get the recognition it deserves.

Data from a London-based animation studio shows just how much traction songs get when they feature on sites like TikTok, as reflected in this report by Nibble. It clearly signals that the music industry at large, and all their many production companies and talents, have been relying on social media to push their careers forward, especially in the pandemic era. When you’re online, you can go viral whether it’s rain or shine, and even when every other sector is struggling.

Contact Influencers

Influencers is a term that is used when referring to people like famous YouTubers, who have amassed their own large audience through their own content.

If you need a quick way to get your name out there without all the rigmarole of a top-tier marketing campaign, heading to the influencers is likely your best. Many of them have regular viewers in the hundreds of thousands, and even millions for a certain few! Get in touch with them and ask them to plug your content or advertise a lucrative deal other can take advantage of. Your company name will be on the tips of tongues in no time.

This is something many businesses are doing. BBC News reported nearly two years ago on the powers of influencer marketing, and how much sway they have over the typical consumer. If you haven’t got them on your side to date, then you already have some catching up to do!

Ensure Quality Customer Service

If you go the extra mile for your customers and clients, they’ll be far more likely to share their positive experience with your business online.

The most well-known companies tend to be those that practice kindness, generating a wholesome energy both in-store and online. When the staff are chatty and friendly, then it’s smiles all round. Whether it’s in-store customer service or just a chat through the company’s online tools, it all builds momentum through positive customer and client reviews.

Very often, even the major broadsheets will run in-depth articles, requesting people to share their most positive customer service experiences so that they can collate and publish them all online. If you can make a name for yourself in a similar fashion, who knows where your company name will appear in a brand-new positive light?


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