How To Plan The Right Menu For Corporate Events

You are planning to host a corporate event, whether a product launch or an employee/ customer appreciation ceremony. You have gotten everything in place except the menu. However, what’s a party without food and drinks? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with organising meals that will appeal to each guest. Well, worry no more! These helpful tips will help you to create the ideal menu for the occasion.

1. Let your budget set the pace

You don’t want to create a whole menu only to discover that your finances can’t see it through. Therefore, setting a reasonable budget is crucial. Admittedly, some serving styles may be more expensive. For instance, you would want to avoid plate menus if you have a tight budget. Instead, settle on sharing tables as cheaper alternatives. Or you can opt for seasonal meals, which leads to the next point.

2. Consider the seasonal menu

The season can also help you create a great menu on a tight budget. For example, in winter, you can get root vegetables; likewise, summer may allow you to access leafy greens. By prioritising seasonal and local-based ingredients, you can prepare healthy and tasty meals for your guests while protecting the environment.

3. Work with professional caterers

With other responsibilities to attend to, cooking meals from scratch is not a task you would want to tackle. This is no problem; you only need to work with a professional caterer to provide custom packages for your corporate event. For instance, if you need special dishes to celebrate employees’ achievements, a corporate caterer can deliver delicious fiesta food to fit the occasion. This is important to make your corporate event memorable, so feel free to consider this.

4. Factor in food allergies and dietary requirements

It can be a major turn-off to be invited to an event but can’t eat or drink anything. With this in mind, It helps to provide your guests with various meal options. This way, you can accommodate guests with special dietary requirements or allergies. You can add a note in your business meeting invitation cards encouraging guests to make special dietary requests when required.

5. Hire a corporate event coordinator

Planning a corporate event often means you have less time on your hands. However, you will find it helpful to invest in the services of a seasoned event planner. This way, you can reduce stress and focus on other things. They can use their industry experience to develop a menu matching the program’s theme, so keep this in mind. Whether holding a thank-you event for your outstanding sales team or a customer appreciation dinner, partnering with a corporate event coordinator is a good investment to oversee the program successfully.

No party is complete without drinks and food; your corporate event is no exception. A great corporate menu should resonate with your brand or organisational identity. Moreover, you should also consider the costs for a more informed decision. So, take inspiration from these tips to impress all parties with the dishes.


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