How To Use Instagram Video For Marketing.

When Instagram introduced its video function there were a few negative voices out there questioning whether or not it would actually be a success, and whether it would serve any useful purpose for businesses. Would the video function simply be an extension of the photo function, dominated by rounds of endless video selfies from Justin Bieber et al? Now that the Instagram video is fully up and running, it seems that people are beginning to realise just how useful it might be, particularly when it comes to business marketing.

First of all, what exactly does Instagram offer to those looking to use it for marketing purposes? Well you get 15 seconds of film time that you can shoot from a smart phone by tapping and holding the screen and then releasing your finger when you want the film to stop. You can delete a part of the video if you don’t like it, and you can also add filters if you want to change the look of the video. Anything you record in Instagram will then be playable in-line on your Facebook page, which is a great advantage over other platforms like Vine.

If that sounds like it might prove to be a good marketing tool for your business then here are a few scenarios in which Instagram video can come in useful:

1. A moving lookbook. You can use the 15 seconds of Instagram video to create an attention-grabbing snapshot of a portfolio, a sound, moving image, or a particular skill such as cupcake baking, or make up artistry.

2. Quick product demonstration. Most customers find text and images tough to get to grips with when it comes to product demonstration, but Instagram video means the demo can be shot as a moving image instead. Post it to your business’ Facebook page and you have a useful resource that customers will return to again and again.

3. Promotion. Make a video flyer or a small promotional clip for any special offers you have on and distribute it as widely as possible. As this is Instagram you can add hashtags to ensure that it is picked up across a much wider group than if you were to simply post to those who follow you on Twitter or Facebook. You can use several Hashtag Generator Tools to find hashtags for your Instagram posts.

4. Liven up your Facebook page. It’s often tough to make Facebook pages really engaging but by adding video content you can pique people’s curiosity to make sure they return. It’s also much easier to make your page look busy and professional this way, which will reflect on how potential clients or customers view your brand.

5. Put a face to your business. Video is a great way to give your brand some personality via your staff. Use this function to humanise your marketing and let people see how helpful/friendly/funny/engaging you and your employees really are.

These are just some of the ways you can use Instagram video for marketing to increase your business’ profile. Thanks to the instant video function on a smart phone, there really is no limit to the kinds of videos you can create, post and tag.


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