Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Store

No matter where your store is located or what it sells, you don’t need to have something that puts people off. Most of the time, when you talk about curb appeal – people think about selling houses. But curb appeal is responsible for a lot of people who have never heard of a brand walking into the store for the first time. 

The exterior of your commercial property says a lot about the business – and if you want those words to be positive, here are some things you can do to make sure that you attract people.


If the path outside is sticky with gum, usually covered in cans and paper rubbish, and generally a mess – no one really wants to walk on it. Or alongside it. If the council isn’t great at litter picking, then you’ll need to make a point of doing this every morning. 


Dirt-smeared windows, cloudy or broken windows, or too many signs blocking the view inside can put people off. The first thing people shop with is their eyes – and if they can’t see the merchandise, they’re not going to be enticed inside. 

A regular window cleaner is an absolute must. 


In an ideal world, nothing bad will happen to the exterior walls – but from time to time, there will be graffiti, dirt, and things thrown. So, aside from making sure you have a CCTV system, booking a regular shot blasting will prevent this from becoming a mammoth task. 


Skimping on signage is a mistake that many new businesses make – but the truth is a clear sign is a must. The sign should be big enough to be seen from across the street and a few stores up. Keeping in mind that the first time people visit your store, they will be looking for your sign, you need to make this as visible as possible. 


Outside lighting might not be used for six months of the year, but the other six will look great. Outside spotlighting immediately adds a touch of class, and this is a great idea for those occasions where you might be open later (like the festive season for late-night Xmas shoppers). 

Not to mention that the lights outside the store can make shoppers feel safe when it is darker earlier in the winter. 


This one can be tricky if you don’t have much in the way of pavement outside your shop, but adding two large flower pots on either side of the door really elevates the look. You could also add these on either side of where your store ends, and the next one begins as a light separation. 

You might have to put these out and bring them in, like street signage, depending on where your shop is located – something heavy so it won’t blow over in the wind but light enough to be moved when you need to. 

Don’t think about the interior of the store as the first impression – always consider what a potential customer will see first. 

One of the most powerful things that you have is your branding – and when opening a store, there is no finer time to make sure you have it nailed: Enhancing Your Brand Identity: The Power of Visual Branding Materials – Marketme.


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