Innovative ways to reward your salespeople and marketeers for their success

What is it that gets you motivated to succeed? Ask your employees and you’ll receive a range of answers, from money, recognition, promotions and holidays. Many organisations have reward systems in place for their salespeople and marketeers to drive performance. But these common motivators can all become a bit, well, redundant. There’s no need to panic though – putting creative reward systems in place can help you maintain that motivation amongst your staff. Here are several innovative ideas to reward your dedicated work of your staff.

Make it personal

Taking the time to learn about the interested of your workforces’ – outside of work – can be a great way to reward success. For the cosmetics obsessed worker, reward successwith a surprise complimentary makeover. Afterall, your marketeers know the importance of personalisation! Personalised incentives prove to your staff that you really appreciate their work and want to show them how much they mean to your organisation.

Points card

Why not take inspiration from retailers across the globe and offer your staff a “points card” reward scheme? When certain activities are completed by an employee, such as achieving 5 sales, reward them with points that they can collect. Once employees have earned a certain amount of points, they can be redeemed for a reward. Rewards could include spa vouchers or simpler perks such as being awarded a half day. A rewards system helps employees to track their progress and know what they need to do to achieve that next level. And with 94% of staff admitting they would stay at a company that regularly reward them, a points card is a great way to engage employees.

Let staff reward each other

When it comes to rewards, having your employees reward one another is a great way to acknowledge success. Not only does it create a strong sense of community amongst staff, but it recognises the smaller details that might otherwise go unnoticed. With the popularity of business-wide well-being platforms growing, allowing staff to reward each other is a one way to create engagement and interaction with company initiatives. Applications such as Lifeworks Employee Assistant Programme focus on building communities amongst business workforces, with features to promote recognition and rewards. Employees can use the app to reward one another for their hard work. Not only will staff feel valued, but the application’s leader board will inspire a little healthy competition.

Award ceremonies

Recognition is a great motivator and for millennials, personalised praise is an important factor when it comes to their work life, according to The BBC. Why not turn this into a fun company event? Hosting a yearly reward ceremony filled with food and drinks is a fun way for staff to receive recognition for their hard work. Awards for “Best Marketing Idea” or “Top Salesperson of the Year” encourages hardworking staff who are motivated to succeed. You can get as creative as you like with this, for example, by giving the night a fun theme. Remember to make this night all about your employees and their achievements – you could even recognise and reward personal achievements such as completing a half marathon.


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