Is Your Offline Office Space Damaging Your Online Offerings?

In the marketing world, or the tech world, where everything is online, you want to show off everything about your company, and let the personality of the team and its culture shine through. Of course some things about your work have to be physical, but these should integrate with your overall ethos and online persona.

It makes sense then that your office space shouldn’t just be a cubicle these days; or some faceless, whitewashed box where your employees spend their days confined to hell. There should be personality in the area where you work, and it should reflect the actual projects that you’re working on.

Look at Google, for example. Anyone who’s seen the film, ‘The Internship’, or indeed just spent any time curiously researching, will be able to tell you that their offices are insanely cool, matching their vibe as an ultra-modern, forward thinking place to work. There are slides in the workplace. There’s free food. Pods for people to nap in. That’s only scratching the surface, too. It’s no coincidence – being a digital leader extends to your efforts offline, and even the way you portray your workspace has the potential to become a viral factor. It makes people want to work with you, and makes you a leader at being a cut above the rest. We all know about their office space, because they put it out there as a unique selling point – the very fact we are aware means it’s a talking point, and a marketable one at that.

If a business has the choice of working with two companies for its social media, digital marketing, or anything else, obviously the decision will be made based on things like performance, knowledge of the industry, and so on. However, if you demonstrate that you are living and breathing your industry by adding some spark to your office, you will leave a lasting impression on anyone who searches you out online, or even visits you for meetings. If a business is torn between two agencies or experts, it can be something as simple as the way you present yourself which will cast the deciding vote. Working in marketing you know that branding is everything, and your image as an office is no exception.

It’s not just the big companies, either. Plenty of smaller companies have started to get the memo, making them appealing to both future staff members, and of course, potential new clients. Take Greenlight Digital, for example. They’ve kitted their office out with huge, open spaces and of course some quirky, retro cool additions!

So, what can you do? Well, perhaps it’s time to make the switch. You’re up to date on the latest digital trends, so it’s time to take it old school. Sometimes you can work with what you’ve got, and other times, it’s simply time for a change. Moving offices doesn’t have to be a huge headache: in fact, it can be fun!

Get your design head on, and your thinking caps. What’s cool? What stands out? What would you always want to be around – at work? Whether it’s a classic games console or some monochrome stencils for the wall, you want your actions to speak just as loud as your words – on every level of your business.


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