Klood University – A Beginner’s Guide to Making Great Content.

We really mean it when we say that Content is King. Successful companies operating in the realms of social media are like buzzing cafes, except their version of content is of course, their coffee. They serve fresh coffee daily, they attract the crowds and they continue to serve up the good stuff. Resulting in a bustling cafe retaining old customers and bringing in new ones. When translated onto social media companies posting fresh regular high quality content create a winning virtual hangout.

Here are our 5 Steps to creating the foundation of great content;

Step 1: Know what is important to your audience.

Think about your audience in general – lifestyle, interests and behaviour.  What do they do, what content would be important to them? Monitor conversations on Twitter and Facebook and really delve into your audience to understand their mind-set.

Step 2: Apply the content blend of ‘thirds’

Imagine being at a party, you want to be the one who has lots of conversation to offer. Not the one that talks about themselves all night. So with the social media rule of thirds you cover your brand, the products or services that you offer, along with fun and insightful content too. That way your content will be varied, topical and interesting to your audience whilst allowing you to get your message across.

Social Media Rule of Thirds

Step 3: Weave in any off-line marketing plan

You want to achieve consistency across all channels whether that is on or offline. Any PR or print items that are going out need to compliment each other along with your online presence (such as cover images).  Remember to think topical too!

Step 4: Know your tone of voice

Every bit of language you put online should be aligned with your targeted goals and SEOobjectives. The implementation of a consistent tone of voice is vitally important in achieving exactly what you want with social media. Differentiating your company from a growing number of competitors across social media communities can be difficult, but using a distinctive tone of voice that is true to your brand’s identity…

Step 5: Create content that is easy to share

Spend 50% of your time on the idea and 50% on how you are going to spread it. Quality alone is not enough to make something spread: you need a strategy! Remember to target your content to your audience. Also don’t forget to have a personality and a heart, emotional intelligence is important too. Keep your eye on current trends and topics, being reactive with posts makes them feel more authentic

Don’t forget about images! If you are using them make sure they are appropriate and good quality. A shoddy image can do more damage than help.

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