Knowing your niche: How to market a ‘select’ product

A niche product can prove difficult to market, which is why it’s so important you take some time to understand how to get your brand and product out there to the right audience. If you have a ‘select’ product, here are some tips on marketing it in the right way:

Know your demographic
The first thing to understand is who wants to buy your product, as this will greatly impact how you market yourself. If your audience is made up of professional 20-somethings, you’ll need to find ways to reach out that will engage them. Publish posts to your company blog about the 90s, celebrities and innovative technology get them interested, as well as commenting on issues on Twitter that could spark a conversation.

If your market is an older demographic, perhaps 50+, then Facebook is the platform for you. Magazine advertising could also work as these people will be more likely to pick up print material to read than a younger audience.

Listen to your audience
Those who already following your brand or product know what they want, so if they offer you any negative feedback, be sure to take it into consideration: when marketing a niche product, it’s important that your audience feels as though they’re part of a small community. In turn, they’re likely to tell their like-minded friends about what you’re selling. Word of mouth is still a powerful tool, so ensure your current customers are happy if you want them to talk highly of your product.

Conduct keyword research
It’s important you understand what your customer base is searching for in relation to your product. For example, if you sell innovative hanging basket hooks, you’ll need to understand what people are typing into Google when looking for these products. So, tap into those keywords in your blog posts on your SharePoint website design to ensure you rank highly the search. Click here to use a keyword planner tool.

Embrace social media
Social media is essentially a free place to advertise, if you know what you’re doing. Find trending topics related to your niche product and write a blog post around these which you can then share with your followers. Take inspiration from the Innocent Smoothies Twitter account, who are very good at commenting on events taking place that day and interacting with potential customers. Follow in their footsteps and your subscribers could increase steadily.

Be creative with your content marketing
If you haven’t dabbled in guest posting yet, then it might be time to start. This marketing method is ideal for those with a truly niche product that isn’t perhaps sought after on the general consumer market.

A good example would be the Tente Castors brand. Never heard of them? Well, their product is pretty important, in fact essential, as they provide castor wheels for hospital trolleys and office chairs to product manufacturers. An example guest post for the brand could be discussing innovative products you didn’t realise you needed. They could then link back to their homepage and improve their rankings on Google, having secured a placement on a site with a good reputation.

Try these tips to improve your marketing campaign. The aim is steadily gain more followers, more leads and therefore more customers, and these techniques should ensure it all happens!


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