Limiting Stress As A Business Owner: The Fool-Proof Guide

Taking the plunge to start your own business is brave yet rewarding. There’s no reason to hold back when you have an idea. If you don’t take the plunge, you’ll never know if the business could succeed. 

Whether you’re gearing up to launch your business or are already knee-deep in operations, you’re likely familiar with the unavoidable stress that comes with being a business owner. It’s a courageous decision, as running a business is difficult. It demands hard work and unwavering dedication. But, the fruits of your labor will be sweet when you reach your desired destination. 

You shouldn’t let the fear of stress put you off because stress is a part of daily life. This guide will help you reduce your chances of high stress so that you can enjoy the journey.

Invest in stress-busting accessories

You don’t need to hold tension in your mind and body when you can let it all go through a stress-busting accessory like a stress ball. You can get Personalised Stress Balls with your name or a quote on the front, making you gravitate towards it when you feel stressed. 

When something goes wrong at work, you can grab the stress ball, squeeze away, and release tension. Adding a mindful quote can help boost the benefits of a stress ball, as it will remind you why you need to bust your stress.

Create a healthy work-life balance

Every business owner needs a healthy work-life balance to maintain and limit stress. 

If you work, work, work, then you will elevate your stress levels, reduce energy, and feel burned out. The best thing you can do is separate work from home life, allowing you to be in the zone while working. Then, you can unwind and relax at home or with loved ones. 

Switching off from work simultaneously each day and setting boundaries will push you toward a healthier work-life balance, which is essential for your health.

Get outside throughout the day 

You need to start if you aren’t getting outside for some fresh air throughout the day. Fresh air is a great way to blow the stress away from our minds and feel focused. 

Try to walk without your phone so that you aren’t distracted and still switched on. A simple and quick 15 minute walk is enough to help you gather your thoughts and let go of anything weighing on your mind. The fresh air and being outside will help you realise that life is too short to carry this stress. It isn’t necessary to hold onto small things. Instead, get outside when you feel the stress building so you can let it go.

Don’t fear breaks; they will help you

You might fear that taking a break will stop your work flow or success. However, breaks are good for you; they will help reset your mind and focus at work. 

Taking breaks throughout the day is essential if you want to avoid burnout and limit stress. Taking 10 minutes every one to two hours will relax your mind and help you refocus, which will help you return to the task motivated and energised. 

During these breaks, you can:

  • Take a walk
  • Step outside
  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • Rehydrate
  • Grab a snack

Reenergising and resetting your body will encourage you to stay relaxed and focused, which will benefit your business’s success.

You need to learn to say no more

It can be hard to say no when you run a business. You might worry that saying no will make you miss growth opportunities. 

In most cases, saying no (to the right things) will help your business succeed. You can’t take on too much; otherwise, goals will not be the main focus, and everyone on the team will burn out. You need to balance and only take on tasks that will benefit your business.

When you practice saying no, it will become easier. Try it once, see how you feel, and notice the difference in your stress levels.

Eat a healthy diet

Your diet can greatly affect your stress levels. Eating the wrong foods (too much sugar and processed junk) can have a knock-on effect on your health. These foods can cause fatigue, which doesn’t help with stress. 

Nourish your mind and body with fibre, protein, healthy carbohydrates, and fats. Filling your plate and stomach with nourishing foods can improve brain health and promote mindfulness. 

Prioritise sleep

You need sleep if you want to stay focused and limit stress. You will know how easy it is to let small things frustrate you when running off three hours of sleep. 

Prioritising sleep will allow you to manage your stress. You will think clearly and manage to limit small frustrations. If you want to manage your stress and live a healthy life, aim for 7 to 8 hours every night. 

We all have time for sleep, so time is not an excuse.

Try meditation

Managing stress as a business owner can be hard, especially when there are a million things you want to achieve. The worst thing you can do is keep going without practicing mindfulness. 

Mindfulness allows you to stay centred and focused. Without mindful practices, it can be easy to allow small moments during the day maximise your stress. Try meditation. Even if you meditate for a few minutes, it can help you let go of stress and stay focused. Doing it in the morning, during your lunch break, or before bed is great. A minute or two of focus and presence can help reduce tension in the mind and body.

Use your weekends for leisure, not work

Although you might feel it’s necessary to fill your weekend with work tasks you didn’t complete throughout the week, you need time off. We all deserve leisure time. 

Taking time at the weekends to relax and have fun will help you return to work with a fresh, non-stressed mind. Presence and focus is how you will help your business succeed.


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