Live Blogging – Build a following on social media.

Combining social media with blogging great content is the perfect match for increased SEO and building of following on all sharing platforms. There is also Live Blogging which can really motor your profile online and start to attract readers / members / subscribers / followers etc… So, what is live blogging and how does this work in getting you results?

Live Blogging is simply someone having the vision to blog from an event of interest which has a sufficient audience to follow what content you are sharing. These blogs will be released live whilst the event is happening and they may consist of multiple updates to keep audiences engaged and following / held on your website awaiting the next update. Stretching live blogging over to social media, it is simple to update your platforms with content with relevant hashtags to attract further interest as your live blogging evolves.

For those looking to build a following across social media using live blogging rather than blogging after an event as occurred, you simply have to investigate happenings in your industry that you would be able to attend and by releasing updates that you will be attending and live blogging from, a live audience can be built in anticipation.

Many times we have seen, especially on Twitter, someone tweeting a string of tweets reporting on an actual live event. These are much more powerful if the event in question isn’t being broadcast live and usually is only reported on sometime after things have occurred. Looking at live blogging in business, imagine if you require a following on wine, live blogging could happen during grape picking season to capture the atmosphere ¬†or during a local wine tasting event, live blog from a wine bar opening event etc. Any event that is within your target business sector could be worth a visit and live blogging from so to engage an audience hungry for live updates on an event of which they are not present.

  • Look out for events that are not being live reported on such as live television or radio.
  • Think about letting your current audience know you are going to be live blogging from an event, study across social media incase there is a hashtag already trending prior to the event.
  • Live blog from the event and keep them factual though short, update you social media channels and blog page regulary during the event rather than one long blog.
  • State that you will be regulary attending similar events and live blogging and for people to continue to follow you for more of the same.
  • Think social media and your blog page for live blogging and use a hashtag of the event of made up one if there isn’t one already being used.
  • Don’t expect immediate results as you need to build a reputation for being known as a per who takes time to guest blog from events within a business sector.



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