Local Business Beer Awards

We’re launching the Marketme Local Business Beer Awards to help support breweries around the UK and offer our small business community more exciting ways to taste relaxation and unwind.

As this is a community spirited Local Business Beer Awards, we’re welcoming all entries for free, we’d just ask for some social media support and some samples to judge for the awards, entries will need to be received before the 1st of June, with the awards being announced on the 20th of June 2024.

“After a long day devoted to building up your business from nothing more than an idea, you need to find a moment to relax and unwind, it won’t just refill your energy going into the new day, it will do wonders for your mental health, that’s why Marketme is launching the Local Business Beer Awards, helping to promote breweries around the country and helping small business owners discover a new favourite cold one.”

For everyone who supports the awards by entering, you’ll also be welcomed to join and be promoted to the community of small business all around the UK on Marketme and as part of the #SmartSocial Awards.

To enter, please email [email protected] and he’ll provide you with further details.