Looking to the future: Predicting the workplace in 2025

It’s hard to predict what the future holds, but through studying research conducted in the present day and looking at the technology we have now; predicting what may be just around the corner, becomes easier to understand. Technology has developed immensely over the past 10 years and it’s fascinating to compare the products and software we had then, compared to the ones we use now. With the help from TalkTalk Business, we can gain an insight into how the workplace will look in 2025 and how technology will play its part in our working day.

In many ways we take the internet and technology for granted. Accessing the internet can now be done within a matter of seconds; compared to a decade ago where just simply loading a PC would take several minutes alone. In today’s world the majority of us have access to a smartphone, tablet or a more recent product like the Amazon Alexa. All of these products provide a host of technological features which we wouldn’t have even been able to imagine, not so long ago. With reliable internet connection and a range of modern day products available, it’s exciting to think how technology will develop over the coming years.

What would we like to see?

As well as predicting where technology is going to take us, we can also consider how we would like technology to improve the workplace by the year 2025. According to research carried out by TalkTalk Business, 66% of people surveyed said they would like the idea of wearing a device which monitors your health and productivity. By doing this you can have a detailed look after your working day to see how productive you were and how you can improve your health.

Virtual reality has become more and more popular over the past few years, with headsets allowing you to explore virtual worlds, as well as visualising what a new building or development might look like. This has caught the attention of some office workers, as 19% of people surveyed said they’d like to see virtual reality headsets used to give customers an onsite tour of the workplace and what they can expect to see. Virtual reality headsets are used for a wide range of reasons and because of this; we can predict they’ll be used within the workplace sooner, rather than later.

Are we likely to be managed by robots?

It’s often been said that robots could take over our jobs; but in reality, humans will always be needed in the workplace. Robots will and already do assist humans in working environments, especially on production lines in factories. Although most of us only work with humans, 5% of the people surveyed said they would consider robotic management. Robots aren’t going to take over all of our jobs but this gives a glimpse into how technology is today and what it could be like a number of years.

In day to day life we take technology and the internet for granted. Smartphones, tablets and the internet are used daily by millions of us across the world and it’s exciting to imagine where it’s going to take us. Many of us work in a modern workplace but by 2025, we can predict an array of developments which will benefit our daily tasks.


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