Making sure that you get subscribers and views to your YouTube channel

Youtube is probably one of the most enjoyed and engaging of the social media channels, the content that it now holds will keep most people occupied and browsing its channels from how to videos to live news streaming, children cartoons to documentaries. Many businesses use Youtube well to build their brand awareness, build subscribers and ultimately drive positive web traffic to their websites thus increasing revenues.

For anyone using Youtube to share videos their main focus will be on adding new subscribers to their channel and how to increase views on their videos, which is not always easy, sometimes a youtube views promotion can help get the momentum moving. By growing your audience on Youtube, especially your target audience, you are making sure that your videos are being seen by a community of people that have an interest in the content you share and will generally be notified each time you have uploaded a new video – I would say that Youtube works very similar to our televisions at home, you have your preferred channels that you watch and in most occasions those channels will have advertising slots. Youtube will recognise videos that a trending, usually those with the millions of views, and it also allows for detailed searches so you know that if you produce popular videos or have listed your videos well with key search terms then your content will be found and seen.

Grin is a perfect solution for those using Youtube and looking to build their subscribers and views: “Our Grin Platform¬†allows YouTube creators to meet with one another and purchase various services from one another, including shoutouts (which can boost your YouTube subscriber count legitimately), collaborations and video-making assistance.” When it comes to understanding how to achieve subscribers and grow the popularity of your videos you sometimes need to consult outside sources and especially those that can help you to find Youtube influencers and this is what Grin can do.

Youtube holds many amazing stats for any business or professional vlogger such as 300 hours of video footage are uploaded every minute, more than half of Youtube views now come via mobile devices and the number of Youtube channels earning more that a 6 figure sum per year is increasing 50% year on year.


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