Managing a Clean and Tidy Commercial Premises

When you run a business with a commercial premises, you find yourself with additional responsibility on your hands. Running an office means maintaining an office. Sure, the space will provide your team with a productive place to work, where they can collaborate on projects and bring your company visions to life. But it is also a space that will be well used and will require ongoing attention if you want it to stay in good shape, remain presentable and comply with health and safety standards. Here are a few top tips that can help you to manage your commercial premises effectively!

Ground Rules

Make sure to set clear ground rules with your staff when it comes to office maintenance. You should ensure that all waste is thrown in the appropriate bins. You should ensure that desks are neat and clear. You should make sure that nobody is storing food in their drawers. You should make sure that people know to leave the bathroom in the same state they found it. The list goes on. Setting ground rules will make expectations clear.


You need to ensure that any repairs are carried out as soon as possible. If issues arise in your workplace, call in relevant professionals who can put wrongs to rights quickly and effectively. This could be a qualified electrician, plumber or another individual depending on the problem at hand.


You will need to hire cleaners to take care of your office’s interiors. They should attend at the end of the working day and have a clear list of tasks to complete as part of their role. This could range from vacuuming to wiping desks, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the staff kitchen and taking care of any other routine tasks. You will be able to find people to take care of the job using cleaning agencies, recruitment agencies or by advertising online.

Grounds Maintenance

Do you have grounds surrounding your commercial property? It may be your responsibility to keep these in shape too. Hire a grounds maintenance team who can conduct routine tasks such as mowing lawns, trimming hedges or pruning back trees. You may need to provide them with Dumpster Rentals to dispose of any large amounts of waste gathered.

Window Cleaning

While cleaners can take care of interior windows, you will need other specialists to tackle the windows’ exteriors. They will have the necessary equipment, training and expertise to complete this task to a high standard. Book to have your windows cleaned roughly once every two weeks. This will keep them clear and shining!

Office Kitchens

If you have a kitchen space in your office, you should ensure that the fridges are cleared of individual belongings each night. Staff shouldn’t use the refrigerators for overnight personal storage. Instead, these are just here to keep lunches chilled until lunch break.

These tips will really help you to maintain a tidy and healthy commercial premises that is fully functioning at all times!


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