Manufacturing Risks You Must Protect Your Team From

Every workplace has its risks, and all of them need to be taken seriously. However, in the manufacturing or production line, those risks can increase exponentially. Here, we’re going to look at some of the common and serious threats that factory and warehouse owners need to consider when talking about developing or storing products.


Slips, trips, and falls

These are a common risk in just about any kind of workplace, but they can be especially dangerous when surrounded by automated machinery as you might expect. There are a few strategies to prevent these accidents. Managing and reducing waste effectively so that it doesn’t pile up. Marking the ground clearly so that people can see areas that are walkways and should be kept clear. Of course, last but not least, a consistent cleaning schedule to make sure that grime, dirt and residue doesn’t impact the floor.


Poorly maintained equipment

A production line is only as productive as its best piece of equipment. However, machines that have left to fall into disrepair are amongst the most widespread of concerns. From exposed wires to potential operating issues that could lead to accidents, this is incredibly dangerous. A preventative maintenance schedule must be maintained in the factory to correct it.


Expose to chemicals

Depending on the product, potentially hazardous substances may be used in the creation. Even in an automated production line, exposure to those chemicals in storage can become a long-term health risk that must be addressed. As such, COSHH cabinets improve safety by providing secure, airtight storage of hazardous materials. However, effective training on handling and washing after handing those chemicals should also be a priority.


Undertrained employees

Unfortunately, recklessness and a lack of awareness of the dangers of a manufacturing environment can lead to accidents all the time. It’s not always down to new workers, either. Long-time colleagues could be at risk if they don’t take the time to learn about a new piece of equipment, or they may simply forget aspects of their training over time. Thorough retraining is essential in a manufacturing environment, simply because the risk of forgetting safety precautions in such a place can be so great.


Noise levels

All noises that go over 85db pose a risk of permanent hearing loss. Needless to say, some of the machines in a manufacturing environment can go well beyond that level. The louder the noise is or the longer an individual’s exposure, the more severe the risk of hearing loss. Employers must take care to look at the different types of hearing protection available and to supply what their team needs. Some kinds, like earmuffs, can even be attached to hardhats so you can effectively equip two personal protective gear pieces in one.


The above examples are just that, examples to help highlight risks that you might not have thought of. To ensure the full protection of any workplace, it’s always worth considering running a safety audit, to help you better identify the risks that are more likely to affect your team.



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