Marketme PR

Marketme is the perfect small business PR Agency for you, we have connections with over 50,000 businesses and entrepreneurs around the UK.

A powerful database for you to access.

We understand the trials and tribulations of owning and operating a small business, and how hard it can be to get it off the ground, start earning money and increase your brand awareness.

Marketme has been operating for years, winning multiple awards and building a mighty database to help small businesses reach their full potential.

Our Marketme PR Package is only £1,200 per month and will grant you the following:

  • 1 team member on hand with the sole aim to promote your company, they will work with you to increase your brand awareness online.
  • At least 3 link backs from 40DA or higher per month.
  • A vast social media campaign, promoting your brand to over 50,000 businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Marketme will be open for you to use, sharing articles, promoting your brand, and educating an audience waiting to be entertained.
  • Access to a mentor to help you through any troubles you might be facing, to give you advice, feedback and recommendations, someone who knows how to create and sell a business, because they’ve done it before.

The Marketme PR Package offers you a personal touch, taking you through each and every step and bestowing you the knowledge of how it’s all done, so when you no longer need us, you’ll be able to go it alone.

We’d like to offer you £200 off your first month, start with us today and receive the whole Marketme PR Package for only £1000 for the first month.

Please feel free to email Oliver Walkey, Head of Marketme PR, at [email protected] to get started on marketing your dream of owning and operating a business.