Mobile apps and how to market them after completion

Mobile app developers have a lot to think about while in the process of creating a new app. Actual design and development aside, what some perceive to be the ending to a long journey is actually the beginning. What this means is that one an app is complete and ready for customers to use, app developers must decide what they’re going to do with it. Just making an app you keep for yourself can be fun but that’s not why most app developers got in the business for.

The next step requires the app developer or developers to find a way to spread their word about the app. Hopefully, a bit of promoting was done beforehand in anticipation of the app as well as through the beta testing phase which had beta testers ultimately spreading the word about the app they were testing after the job was done.

Most developers choose to submit their applications to a popular apps marketplace, but there are also devs that prefer to manage their own apps and not submit it there. There are indeed other ways to promote an application and make it available for people to download. Here are some of them:

Using an APK distribution website such as APKMirror to facilitate the distribution and availability of your app.
Using your personal website or social media outlet to promote and make the app available for the public to download.
Creating a brand new website with the sole purpose of putting the application out there, making it thus available for download.
Look for deals involving other developer or even brands. This would work by having the other developers or brands offer your app in a bundle offer or as a bonus for accessing their services and products. There are many ways you can go about this strategy, and can benefit by having your app featured on a popular website.

Using an official marketplace

There are two major marketplaces for mobile apps currently available. One is the Google Play Store provided by Google for the users of its Android operating system, and the other one is the iOS based App Store, which belongs to Apple. Depending on the type of mobile device they have, consumers would access one marketplace or the other and download the apps they are interested in. This is the way most developers go about putting their apps out there because it is a reliable, secure channel which is backed by the creator of the very same OS your app was designed for. Every sold instance of your app will result in a part of the profits going to the marketplace holder but in return will benefit from massive exposure.


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